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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A soup that has cooked vegetables in water does the creator of the fruit of the earth bless them even in ways that have not been stated in the laws of principle and care regarding other foods



I was asked about this law that blesses a vegetable soup with vegetables from the fruit of the earth, is it a legal law of blessing on a mixture or is it a legal law mainly of healing.

And in the opinion of human life, in the mixture, if it is evident in itself, there is no blessing on the main thing, the other sex is exempt, as well as for the matter if each of them rises separately in a spoonful.

Here is my answer to that:

Here the din of a mixture is the din of a main and tefal as explained in Rish C. Riv that what blesses the city in the mixture is a din of the main and tefal, since the din of the main and tefal also in the mixture should have blessed each species on its own, and only because of the din of the nite and tefal does a blessing On the main species in the mixture in such a way that there is a main thing there or on the majority species in a way that there is no main thing there according to the law.

Regarding the human life that worsened with the mixture of two species, each of which is evident on its own, as brought by the Bahl Rish C. Rib, here the HIA is mentioned in two places, and in his words, in general, S.T. Meiri mentions a mixture of a kind of grain, and in connection with this it was brought in the commentary There is a halakha, although the Hai'a in general, na sig, which was pointed out by the Bahl's Gach, there I also comment on a mixture of the fruits of the tree with the fruits of the earth.

Regarding the explanation of Olim alone in the spoon that you mentioned in the question, if it touches the empty soup, i.e. in the comments and additions of Rish C. Riv who brought a few mm in this from the last words and the arbiters of our time regarding the mixture of a main and a part.

However, in fact, both the law of mixture and the simple law of main and part, and the whole discussion of the HIA, and also the discussion of what comes up alone by mistake, does not belong to the discussion of vegetable soup. The Creator blesses the fruit of the earth, and there is no human being who disagrees with the GM and the judges who brought it.

And Yaoi' in S. Ra Sab in Tor and B. and in the ways of Moshe and in the glosses of Rabbi Tzanzar and Mor and Katzia that brought the methods of the first Rashi and Rambam and Rash in the Rulings of the Rash and in the answers of Rash that there is disagreement and contradictions what is the point of distinguishing who are To bless them the Creator of the fruit of the earth, and in this there is actually an NPCAM in some matters and ways, and IAS in the 2012 SKI.

But the matter is agreed that it is not a main and minor rule, but is a special rule in the water, and in any case, even when each species in the mixture of water and vegetables is evident on its own, and even if each rises in a separate spoon, the human being does not disagree with this.

And here is the law that blesses the soup that creates the fruit of the earth.

And apparently the Katar's intention is to ask about the continuation of the words of the Mishnav where if one drinks the water together with the vegetables he blesses the main thing that they are the vegetables and dismisses the water, and the Katar's intention is whether it is also when each is evident on its own.

And the answer to that in vegetable soup is that there is no difference between the ways, since the whole discussion of a mixed fence mainly and deals with blessings is only when their blessings are not equal, but when their blessings are equal, and everything that is discussed about what to bless and what to exempt, in this Peshita blesses the more important.

And yet the intention of the Mishnab is this, without a question whether the vegetable with the water in it is for the didan (that is not evident for the purpose of the main thing and the treatment) in fact blesses in the FAA for the vegetables with the water together, and in this the Shu'a did not need to issue a ruling on this Dashalki, but the Shua Meiri in a way that only drinks the water, and in this it was necessary to say that the creator of the fruit of the earth is blessed.

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