Frequently Asked Questions and Answers found in Halacha

Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A person who washed his hands for a casual purpose without intending to pray at all and then decided to pray should he wash his hands again or not

Will take again.

Sources: see Rama S. Ralg and Sh. 18, and A. Chesed Laalfim, Shem. "A Delhalan regarding the matter of a takhon, etc., and Kai on the Hagm' there, and the omission of Relag and allusion to this kind of taste in the taste of what is necessary to take with an intention for prayer, and see also Shu'a Tzach 4 and Dok, and A'ag Damokh in Shu'a above Zv, the one who can We were to rely on the Neti of Shacharit because they are mainly for prayer, and as explained in the opinion of the Rabbi 19 of the Barkot Sachg which is presented in the 22nd and 20th of the 18th century in the Hail Baruchot Hasharit, and also for the Hashba 11, the portion of the Neti of Shacharit is Because one has to sanctify one's hands as a priest, etc., and the main meaning is that he is for work and prayer in general, i.e. in his language there.


מק"ט התשובה הוא: 3119

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