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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

He who bit meat and did not taste and did not chew, is he obliged to wait six hours

Regarding tasting only, some recent scholars wrote that one should not wait 6 hours, and regarding chewing it is explained in the Halacha that one should wait 6 hours, regarding biting one's teeth should be made worse.

Sources: Yaoi Bat Tosha in Yod Ras Pat who mentioned the tongue and the meat chewer for the baby that one should wait to be afraid according to Maimonides that it is because of meat that gets between the teeth, and the simplicity of chewing is that it softens the meat for the baby by the act of chewing, in which the meat gets between the teeth and remains there for a period of time, and does not include a bite in order to hold the meat in his teeth, and they took it in this way because there is a precise chewing in it, which needs to be chewed to soften the food, and it seems like it was just a mere bite, like someone who had to hold meat in his teeth meaning DAC to wait six hours.

And Yaoi' the Rambam's point mentioned in the column to be afraid of chewing on Paz the tongue is meat between the teeth, etc. He explained this, and even if a nima desuman gezeri' eat meat, but a bite eats a chew, it should be said dela gezeri', since a bite does not replace eating like putting it in the mouth, see below], and the PZ also means that only biting meat is nothing to be afraid of, since there is not so much to worry about in this that a mere bite already left remnants of meat between the teeth.

However, there is reason to reject that chewing is also a general name for biting with the teeth.
And that only when biting there is no meat between the teeth, it should be said that a model of chewing must be asserted, that here is one who chews and there is no meat left between his teeth, but I reject it, whether there is a taste or not. And without my knowledge.

It should also be noted in this that there are some of the latter [the PMG in the name of Manchai in the opinion of clothing] who in Tor Afka Dadarba argued to Rashi's taste that the six-hour wait is because of fat. It is because of reason and not because of reality, so there is reason to say that God in a bite belongs to being reality.

And Yaoi' in the sacrifices of righteousness, he put the meat in his mouth to taste, and he took it out whole. Dashma bit Keri Lia already on the chew.
(And it should also be reviewed if in the opinion of the rabbi who shredded in Tor Afka Dalshi' Rashi that it is because of the taste of meat fat, one should wait for the 14th chewer if according to the opinion of the 5th, one should make the taste worse).

And one must add to this Damboar in Rama Ras Pat and Shchach Skag according to Ran that if he finds meat between his teeth he does not have to wait for six hours (but only for dessert and washing off) ACP in such a way that he did not swallow the meat that he found [and regarding whether he swallowed the meat, a.i. in the innovation of the miracle and in the latter, continuing with this], except that there is no evidence from this about a bite of finished and whole meat that has not been eaten and not chewed so that they do not have to wait for it to be eaten, after eating that has been chewed afi' in the matter of meat in milk, the Rambam's opinion is that another 6. Counting hours as one who has digested and as one who has not eaten, according to the Retirement of the SKV and the PMG in the Rambam's opinion, and AAG Dhoshshin also to Rashi, since Rashi Lahdia does not shoot at someone who has not eaten, as we will explain in the column according to our versions and the version of the passims, And as was also explained in the words of the above-mentioned Zabhai Zedek and the last ones, in which there is no fear at all in the income according to which there is no fear at all, so for Rashi of the Atz to come to the one who is already digested, since they did not eat the most, and what is necessary to come to the one who is digested is only to clarify the opinion of the Rabbi "Why is he not obligated according to his method to remove leftovers from his mouth if he wants to eat cheese, and if you find it to say that if you chew meat, if it is pecked according to Maimonides' method, you have to wait 6 hours, so waiting 6 hours is beneficial in order to consider the meat as digested" which extended to disagree with those who think so and the Dharambam accepted that piercing is allowed within 6 hours, and according to her, he considered it digested only if he does not want to be pricked), although in the case of biting, there is no evidence that it is not permissible to be chewed.

And from the simplicity that one bite is not chewable at all, and let's not add a leaf that is chewable only because of doubt between the flavors Darshi and the Rambam, and that finished eating is not agreed upon by the rulers who are required to wait 6 hours from the state, for example. and the Rambam and the Tos and other judges [and the time they practiced at the time of the Rema brought by the Rama in Ras Pet is not a state model as a mas in the Bhagra there but as a kind of compromise to make it worse according to the words of the other Zohar which according to the Hagm they perceived to ease as the Tos against The RAF and his assistant].

And it should only be noted that Delfi's belief that the clothing that was shredded in the Delfrashi column is due to fat should also be waited for the baby to chew, but there is more reason to say that biting is like food, since the main thing to oblige chewing is because of fat adhesion, and therefore biting should also be included in this, But the arbitrators and the Supreme Court shredded before us.

And at first I thought that it should be lightened since there are several sides to lightening as above (and O. Baraka what he wrote lightening because of this, although his words are not relevant to our case, that is also indicative of the custom that was practiced at the time such as the Rama and the Idna no longer practiced this), and also one Danshicha Not for the purpose of eating, it does not come immediately from the teeth, but in the end I withdrew my hand from making it easier, since I found in the language of the above-mentioned latter (as in the name of the latter cited above) the language recalls that if he tasted with his tongue, and it means that they came to apoki if he used his teeth, Then we come to fear that meat may get between the teeth.

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