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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Those who have the option to buy an apartment with a sukkah balcony or an apartment that opened nearby for public use, which is better

Here is certainly the neighborhood of the questioner who will not be disqualified from the sukkah mitzvot if he buys an apartment without a sukkah balcony, but he will be less able to boast of a permanent apartment in the sukkah and a continuous sitting in the sukkah if he buys an apartment with a sukkah balcony.

And it seems that an apartment with a sukkah balcony should be preferred for two reasons, the first being that here it is an addition to Hidador in Dauriata and here it is an addition to Hidador in Darbanan, and that one should make an effort if in doubt Daurita is more certain than Darbanan (in Gm. Shalhi RA and Shu'a HL. RA) , and despite the fact that Meiri's name in the charges MM is also seen in these mitzvahs, and sitting excessively in the sukkah is certainly another observance of the Sukkah and investing in the Sukkah mitzvah to have a large, spacious and comfortable sukkah is in general a compilation of a mitzvah and making the sukkah every 7 regular days, and an additional point seems to be In the sukkah we note that they warned in the Mishnah to make the sukkah permanent and in the rulings it was brought up that every moment is a mitzvah and is at the foundation and root of the work, and of course it is something that a person deserves to be proud of, in regard to Hanukkah, to shine on the leaves what is lit in the window is a complete permit regarding it, even though it is a mitzvah within ten for those who can and also A mitzvah to light in a place where there is a rabbi is specified, but it is a transmitter of the owner if he lights it in the window and in its doors to let out the opinions of the scribes of our time, then it is out of the mitzvah in the first place, and we did not find that they warned the generation in Hanukkah in a place that could by this have more Nisa publications, it was found that the compilation regarding the Sukkah is the thing that is more incumbent on him.

And in any case, he should check all the other data when buying the apartment, since there are usually dozens of data when comparing apartments, and examples, such as Torah environment, synagogue environment and Torah lessons, and much more.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4113 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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