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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Those who taste the stew less than a glass to test it should be blessed

There is a disagreement among the arbitrators about whether to bless or not, and in fact there is also a dispute among the latter about whether it is said that there is a question of blessings to make it easier or not, so to begin with it is better to aim when one intends to enjoy it, and then one can bless and one should bless (from the Shinab Sus Ri).

And Mm means that the main point of the Halacha is that they say doubt blessings to make it easier, and we were in a way that really eats less than a kazitz and does not intend to enjoy it at all, such as tasting it just to check if it needs salt or seasoning and the like.

Therefore, if he cannot intend to enjoy the food (such as in the way that the food is not yet cooked enough to be able to enjoy it), he will reflect on the blessing in his heart (refer to the 18th Shem Sec. 22 and 29) and it is better to bless something else.

And there is another piece of advice in all of this, to spit out the food, and then it does not enter the doubt, but this advice is less recommended because it corrupts the food (see chapter 8 there), and however there is no corruption in such a way that there is a need that outweighs the benefit of the food, as they said in the GM It's better not to spoil Dagofa, mm here there are other solutions and therefore it is better to do them and not spit the food out of his mouth when there is no absolute need for it.

And in a way that he doesn't want to get worse and it's difficult for him to do one of these solutions, it means that the main point of the law here is to say doubtless to make it easier.

Sources: See Shu'a Rama'a and Sh'nab and Kahach Sof C. Ri.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5510 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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