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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A person who went to sleep during the day and woke up about an hour after the night began, what is his judgment regarding the blessing of the Torah, the laying on of hands and the blessing on the laying on of hands

The blessing of the Torah blesses because regular sleep at night is certainly obligatory even if he gets up in the middle of the night (Mishnav 14:50).

The washing of hands is certainly required, since even one who sleeps during the day as a permanent sleeper should wash his hands without a blessing as explained in Shua C. 4.

The blessing for the laying on of hands is not a blessing now, since the main part of it is fixed on the morning prayer for the Rash, (and even for the Rashba in the 10 blessings that differ on the Rash mainly the law, MM admits this, Aish in his language), but in the morning he can bless if he wants to To add that the blessing for the laying on of hands will be adjacent to the taking according to the simplicity of the Rash's opinion, he can defecate and rub himself and bless (see in the 20th century, Rish C. 4), or go out with a blessing from another, which is better than the previous solution (the Gerhak's oral answer to me regarding the matter of youth At night and it is simple in Sugi' and Achmal, but here one who sleeps is not obliged to bother with this either and only if he wants to pray), but if he does not make it a practice to bless close to taking it, cf. in the Shu'a and Shin'ab regarding the differences in the customs of the Sephardi and Ashkenazi people.

  It should also be added that even if he now takes his hands in the middle of the night, he will in any case have to take them again in the morning after dawn, since there is a side that the evil spirit leaves only at the end of the night, I. II and Shu'a B. 4.

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