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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Whoever accidentally lit one more candle than should be lit that day, what is his punishment?

Even though he did not have the right to do so in the first place, in hindsight he neglected his duty, after all adding is no worse than reducing, and with one candle he neglected his duty, in particular that after he had lit a candle he had already neglected his duty and after he had lit as many candles as he had today he had also neglected his duty in the act of lighting. And the unnecessary candle will be extinguished, which will be evident from the number of days, as in the Ramadhan, that everyone should put their candles in a special place for this reason, (and we specify that if a candle goes out on the 20th of the MB, we should light it again, even though lighting it fulfills the mitzvah of Ish, from There is also a benefit in the Nisa publications that follow the lighting), and even though the lighting is a mitzvah, the compilation of that day still exists, since this unnecessary candle was lit after the real candles, so much so that when they were lit, it was fair, and what was added to them, a candle can be extinguished and that A person who makes a note of how many candles are lit in the Idna, according to the Ramadhan of the 19th century, will put his candles in a special place to make known how many candles are lit, so he will extinguish only the last candle he lit, and there may be more Dlanin from the mark of recognition, this does not matter to him who is lighting a mitzvah, (Wmm Also, according to this side, only the last candle will be extinguished, according to the fact that all the candles before this are candles of the Hanukkah candle and of the last candle, which is the candle of error), and there is no need to make it difficult for what I wrote that the additional candle should be extinguished from the words of the Rama in Hal' Shabbat Shakal A thing that is contrary to something should not be carefully added to, this is not said everywhere, and as with Hanukkah one needs to know how many candles are lit, as above in the words of the Rama in the Hanukkah, and apparently a law that exalts the holy is a law to add every day in order to publicize the additional miracle every day , so surely there is a matter of extinguishing it, and regarding the sanctity of the additional candle, it must be discussed on the part of the Holy One in error.

And in the matter of the law, the candle for tomorrow should be lit like everyone else, and it should be added that adding it yesterday was added by mistake, etc., in the way that it was not lit one day, the judges wrote that it should be lit for tomorrow like the rest of the world, even though he could claim that he only adds one to the candles he lit two days ago Dela demi completely here mm here the extra candle was by mistake.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4109 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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