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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

As for covering the last water before blessing the food, is it beneficial to cover it with a transparent glass?

It turns out that it is.

Sources: Here is the beginning of all this matter of covering the last water. It has no source as such from the Hag'am and Shu'a, and it is not an obligation on the part of the main body of the law. , refer to Sha'at C. 4 SKK and Arhot Rabino KA p. 13), and it should be noted what he wrote in Shu'at Shahal 16 C. 28 S. C. and Zal, To take down knives in the bahmaz, as well as last water from the table, is surely only a law in the first place and it does not hinder and ZAP a.k.a.
And another thing to be known is the opinion of the majority of the judges in explaining the words of the Hag'm in Khulin is that when it was taken into a vessel, the evil spirit was eliminated from the water (Bihl si KPA 45 ala and esh in the hour 6 of the 17th century because the simplicity of Rashi's opinion).

Indeed, for our purposes, there is another knowledge that they used to be careful about this, what they were careful about and what they didn't, Dhana Gabi Areva and Tzoa KIL in Barchot 25 2 Raba said: A shema reading against a naked woman in a lantern is allowed. It is permissible to recite the Shema against it, and it is permissible to recite the Shema against it with a cover, hang a Milta, and the Miksya is naked with a lamp. It is forbidden to recite the Shema against it, and it will not be seen in you that you are naked. On them this custom is likened to the mother's pubic hair or feces.

And in the first sense, it seems that since we found in excrement that they did not prohibit another that there is a cover, why should we be stricter in a custom that is not to be delayed and is not explained in the Gm any more than the prohibition of excrement in the future, however, the claimant will come and argue that it is a dhamira skhenta from a prohibition [cit. "P Gm. SPK Deirovin], but it really never seems that the same is for the excrement and not for the nakedness, debarua is a special law that can be seen in evidence due to reflection, but in any of our hands that is due to exclusion and the ruling there is no prohibition that it should not be seen, and it also means from what the arbitrators wrote ( A. A. Lehrev Mebotshatash C. 4. 79, printed at the end of Shu'a Men'ot Y-M, as the 8th name of Skalag in the name of Roch Chaim for Rabbi Chaim Palaji C. 17) which is useful to cancel Maim Achronim p. You threw a quart of water on them, and we were to learn that this is a law that is water feet, and in the nakedness I will not forget such a law because Datalia is in the eye, but it is from the side of water that is poured over by an evil wind that imagines this to the square meter, but it is enough for the law to be condemned, and in the cover that it is Afi' is useful in Daurita and that it is an understandable thing to permit in the Nidd more than throwing a fourth of water, since throwing a fourth of water does not benefit Afi' in excrement but only in the square, that is an innovation that the sages renewed in the square, but the covering of the matter as one that does not stand with us.
And just like that, the custom is that one is not careful not to cover the last water with a transparent glass.

(This answer of mine was printed in Am Segulah 16 C. D. S. K. B. and now I have come in the scroll of this book with a little addition of Deuteronomy).

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2470

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