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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What will a person do and take advantage of the dangers of technology

Below are some ideas that can help those who see themselves being helped by them (and these things are intended in advance only for those who are looking to distance themselves from technology as will be explained below).

First of all, you need to know that most of the work in practice is to avoid an obstacle and waste of time, which by technology is the removal of experience from us, since no person has yet been created for whom the encounter with this will not harm him at all, whether by wasting time, whether by being cold, whether by content, etc., therefore the main and primary solution is to build For himself technical fences that will separate and differentiate man from technology.

And here, of course, the initial thing is to make sure that in everyday life there will be no access to this space, but apart from that, everyone from the place they are can make sure that they have less and less access to these tools, and everyone can also add safeguarding both the amount of time and the limited content, and the quality of the restriction, Because this is the majority of the work to take care of the technical matters and the fences, because from there on the man's powers are limited to them.

Therefore, for example, in Alma, I will say that it is necessary for necessary reasons to subscribe to a computer room, and he has the option of subscribing to a computer room near or far, it is better for him to avoid subscribing to a nearby place if it could cause him to try to log in to check the updates all the time, and also when there is an option to An extended or reduced package is better to pay each time for a small package that will include the use of the same one this time, than an extended package, even if it seems that he will lose money from it, and sometimes there will be an opposite issue such as there is an attempt to bring internet into the home and then there will be an opposite issue for a short period of time to make it easier To use a computer room that will be a substitute for the house, until he can gradually reduce it, and everything according to the case.

Also regarding various solutions that exist for obtaining all kinds of Internet updates not through the Internet, such as lines for listening to incoming email, if it comes to save and prevent physical use of the Internet (such as until now he had Internet and is currently replacing the Internet with this type of solution) what is good, but if It is up to him to decide whether he should or not, surely it is better without it, since surely those who use these services in the end make him actually consume more of the Internet than those who do not use these services, and things are simple.

And a person who is in any situation at the point of his situation can make as many technical fences as possible that will block him from using these things wherever he is, for example someone who has a neighbor with a hot spot who should talk to the neighbor as soon as possible to close the hot spot, and to this they said if I don't have it, who has it And if not now when, and yes if he has any possibility to open an Internet from home, there are many ideas to add fences and fences so that he doesn't come across as an attempt, because this is the main area of control that we have left to deal with the technical aspect of access to these tools and to prevent the possibility of access as much as possible.

The second thing is that you should know that usually and in the absolute majority of cases, no harm will happen if the child immediately and decisively removes the internet from the house, and in most cases the benefit that you will get from this is far greater than the minimal disadvantage of it, and even if he does not manage to endure it, but it is still worth trying, Because as long as he manages to hold on, it's worth it, and even if he doesn't manage to hold on, but there is a limit to how many times he will try until he succeeds, whether twice, three or ten times until he finally succeeds, but in order to go through this process, you need a first and a second time. "20, and if he gives up before the first time, then he will never reach the goal and will never start the process at all.

And another thing is that it is worthwhile and worthwhile to always remain in a state of action in this matter, that is, to be in an active action of avoidance and fences and reservations in this regard, because after the actions the hearts are drawn, and this affects the subconscious and a commandment entails a commandment, therefore every small or large action that a person does to distance himself from this thing benefits the person as a whole and places him in a higher place, and God said, open an opening for me, etc., and if a person tries consistently for a period of time every day to take care of something simple technical that will help him stay away from these tools, every day with something else small, after a while he will find himself in a completely different place.

והנה בכל הדברים כאן אין הנידון כלל מה הגדר של החיובים בזה שכל מה שכתבתי הם רק עצות טובות למי שכבר גמר בדעתו שרוצה להיגמל מהטכנולוגיה, ויעוי' עוד בספר הפעלה מחדש של הרב בנימין פינקל, אבל מי שרוצה לדעת מה החיובים שהוא מחוייב מצד הלכה, ולנהוג רק כפי המחוייב, יעשה שאלת חכם.

And all of the above does not absolve us from the great war when we need to use one or another use through the network, and at any time one or another experience, to save as much as possible, and the wise article presented in the duties of the hearts that said you have returned from the small war and now you have the great war, so After a person has made all the possible reinforcements for himself, the main point of the experience and also the final gain is to be kept in practice during the trial, and the most complete repentance at that time, etc. (the end of the day).

And it's true that this guidance does not belong to the column here because the main things discussed in this column are matters of Halacha and legal obligations, and here it is a short article of good advice and ideas for a person to upgrade himself and bring himself to a higher place and is intended for those who want it and are looking for it to reach a higher and more exalted level than just Humans, and I wish we won.

And at first I was afraid to write a tutorial on the subject because everyone has something to correct and who will say I won my heart and decorate yourself first, but I said since I have something to say don't hesitate, and if there is someone it could benefit them and it would be my reward.

Whoever sees himself as someone who does not need this guidance at all, then this means that he is in a much higher rank than the rest of us, and of course he does not need this guidance, and in BH I had the privilege of meeting dear people who have no affiliation and access to any of these tools without any exaggeration.

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