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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What are the concerns of the diapers available in the market regarding use on Shabbat

Here are some concerns about diapers:

A. Regarding cutting the headscarf on Shabbat, there are companies that seem to not cut the headscarf completely, and then if he cuts it on Shabbat he may violate the prohibition of headscarf.

In the book Shabbat Dinuka of the excellent and highly regarded OT, Englerd Shlita brought that he checked and saw that today the diapers are made with heat that is not fully glued and the cutting is already done in advance and therefore is not a problem, and this is how I acted for a while based on this, but after a while it seems that there is Some of the companies that don't have it, and I also saw someone who commented on it and sent a press release warning about it, and apparently there are things in it.

Regarding your question about specific companies, I do not remember the things by heart, nor do I want to determine the things here for a long time because they are things that change from time to time, and it is appropriate for everyone to check with the diapers that want to use them.

B. Regarding the binding of diapers on Shabbat, B. is discussed in this, A. regarding the binding during the laying on of the baby, and it is worth noting that according to the opinion of some of the judges of our time, it is a complete prohibition, but for the majority of the judges it is permitted [cit. 6], and some have written that it is good to glue the PA from the OT so that there is a connection that can be opened and closed [cit. Khot Shani HA PIZ SKAB p. Kalez, and the Garnak is one of the mikili on Arhat Shabbat there], and regarding a connection with scotch tape It will be discussed below in the context of infection after removal from the baby, and in NidD it will have to be permissible for the OT.

And the second condemnation of infection is to infect it after removing it from the baby, which is simpler to prohibit (cf. Arhot Shabbat there).

And regarding velcro connection, although with regular velcro, it was easier with a second thread there (easy p.), but it was stricter there with regard to velcro connection to the universal, and so for those who are strict about gluing the diaper, they may also be strict about velcro connection to the PZ, and anyway we enter into the question here.

C. Regarding the problem that in the past was mainly in the Haggis company and in recent years the problem has already gained momentum and spread to other companies, and sometimes it is difficult to obtain the product without this problem, the stripe on the diaper that changes color when the baby gets wet, and the question is also for the older one whether he considers himself a craft factor, And also on the part of the little one, is it permissible for the grown up to give hands to the little one to do a job and Ya'u in S. Shemag and Rama and Shnav there.

And there were those who claimed that there was no problem because Shanan Sahdi said that the user does not want to use it on Shabbat because there is a concern about it, but it is not up to the NAD to claim that it is, after all if he comes to claim that there is no problem with it on Shabbat anyway he would have already let her use it, since he does not lose anything by it. And sometimes it is a clear sign for him to change for the baby when he doesn't notice it on his own, and it is the repeating wheel that he will never be able to claim that he does not enjoy it either and that it will also be permitted on Shabbat, and in any case it is forbidden on Shabbat (according to the side that it is an act of craft), and it is also explained to Hedia in Tos Shalhi PG Dekiddoshin for the purpose of enjoying a red Defra aduma

(Also in the Judiciary of the Jewish Court of Israel, a mixture of Barish C. Ka, which the Shua'a G.C. ruled a similar opinion in the name of the Tos. Chulin K. and the rest of the Rishonim regarding a piece that deserves to be honored, and who is the name of the Tza'k Damnal that defined a piece that deserves to be honored It varies according to each person who will have to come to this conclusion. Daderba in issues means that they are general laws, as we noted above regarding a thing that has been passed down to Yamanah, and so it is a place to say that a piece worthy of honor is also worthy of honor among Gentiles. Kings do not hang a rule in Israel, like a mouse in the book of Rish C. Ked, who goes above the messenger of kings, and who there is not a rai' that gives that what is important to Goyim Tafi is to be deduced from Didhu).

And in fact regarding the aforementioned painted stripe, the judges of our time disagreed on whether it is permitted or forbidden to use on Shabbat, and advice was given regarding painting the stripe on the evening of Shabbat so that it would not be painted on Shabbat, and it is correct advice.

D. Regarding the opening of the stickers on Shabbat, there is a dispute about this among the rulers of our times the Manchai, the Gershaza, the Gerisha, and the Gernak (see Arhot Shabbat 61 Sepia and explanations and additions SS Shem).

There is a fifth condemnation of placing the diaper in a bag after the end of its use. What is the ruling on the part of one who cancels a vessel from its possession? Dish says that if it is a bag that is intended for this use only, then this means that there is no cancellation of a vessel from its possession. 626 P22 a comment from what was brought up in the name of the Garshaza), and some say that an empty bag is forbidden (second thread 13 14 Skat), but it is a side note that if one assumes with it also the other things, it should be made easier.

On the edge of things

If there is a company that would like to produce a diaper suitable for Shabbat observers, it can be produced with the following conditions: velcro closure, responsibility for cutting the adhesive tape, canceling the colored stripe, not gluing any paper on the velcro at the factory (that is, there will be no paper or anything stuck with glue that will have to be removed ).

And the user should also pay attention not to stick the velcro after removing it from the child, but to put it in the trash, and also not to put it in an empty bag without the permission or in a bag that does not contain waste on Shabbat.

And if it comes to the hands of those dealing with public needs to produce a product of this type with fancy supervision that can guarantee that it does not contain all these concerns, it will be a great benefit to the grammarians in Halacha and their reward will be twice as high as heaven.

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