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What is the definition of a morning meal for someone who made a personalized agenda

I received the question, what are the definitions of Fath Shacharit regarding a person who gets up earlier or later or shakes all night or sleeps regularly during the day or sleeps at night and gets up in the morning prayer and goes back to sleep after the morning prayer.

And here is Yaoi' in the Mishnav C. Kenez regarding the law of eating before midnight, if he does not eat before midnight then he is like throwing a stone of bread (Pesachim 12), which the Mishnav wrote there that it is according to the time he wakes up from sleep, and the source is from the Maga C. Rafah Sec "A.

And I saw the person who commented on the Mishnab from his words in S. Rafah Skav, who cited the opinion of the Rabbi there that one who studies or prays can make it easier for the matter of eating after midnight, and did not mention the excuse of Maga Dahshabi' for the hours from the time of establishment and that it is not after 6 hours, And the NAD does not necessarily have a contradiction in the Mishnav Dish to say that the main thing that the Mshnav there is having trouble with is the matter of those who have already passed six hours even from the time of establishing a daveza, he will not be able to trust the voice of the MGA.

And it is true that I explained above in the adjacent answer that the definition of the morning meal is a different definition from the definition of eating before six o'clock, that the definition of the morning meal is to eat what is necessary for one's body so that it does not starve apart from the regular meal that I eat later.

And here in the Gm on the day of the day, from the beginning, Israel was the domain of the mankarin rooster until Moses came and set a meal time for them in the morning and in the evening, and it is explained that the main form of eating needs to be fixed in the hours, and in the Gm one must also take care of the definition that they will not hunger or thirst so that they do not come to hunger and weakness, which I explained above according to the GM in Bk Tzv and according to the words of column C. Kenna.

And here there is reason to say that the definition of morning meal is not something that is required by sleep, but because one starts the day and therefore needs to eat so as not to be hungry as long as the time for the regular meal has not yet arrived, and morning meal is little and is not a regular meal as I explained above.

And as for the person who stands between the meal time of the day and the meal time of the night and is hungry, is it appropriate for him to wait in order to fulfill the words of the Gm on the aforementioned day or should he eat in order to fulfill the words of the Gm on the above BK? In Yoma, she did not talk about the main time of determining eating, just people who do not need to eat every hour, and on the other hand, they do have a need to eat, therefore it is appropriate to set fixed times for this every day and night.

And it is true in the Gm' in the B.C. there another verse was brought (besides the verse of they shall not starve) Damboar there that after Kash and prayer one must eat and drink, according to the verse, but it must be said that it is found that in the morning since many hours have passed since yesterday's eating one must be careful not to He will starve himself, whereas before an evening meal it is less common for him to starve, so it is possible to say.

And on the other hand, there is a bit of urgency in this to say that a mouthful of Shacharit is only so that he doesn't starve, and there is no judgment on a Shacharit mouthful, but it must be said that part of the purpose of a Shacharit mouthful is so that he doesn't starve, and this point belongs even when it is not actually Shacharit.

And in any case, everything should be said according to the matter, in general, a person who gets up early or late will eat a morning snack as long as he feels he can so as not to be hungry, and someone who wakes up all night should look to see if there is a definition of a morning snack, etc., but he also needs to pay attention not to starve and He will be thirsty and eat all he needs.

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