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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What is the ruling if he sleeps on the day before or after the night's sleep or instead of the night's sleep, will he bless the soul of God

If he sleeps a normal night's sleep, the custom is that there are no blessings in addition to that for day sleep, but only for the night's sleep [B.I. Houba in Bahl C. Nev], but in the case that he sleeps a night instead of a day's sleep, there is a sabra to relieve and bless, and it is customary to leave someone Other.

Sources: Yaoi' in the explanation of the Halachah that added this name for the purpose of doubting a name that he could rely on this addition that he slept during the day so that he could bless, and so also in our case we see [in MBB C. Mo SK44] that the main reason is to say that the shaking all night I am blessed if there is a blessing to make it easier for me when it is necessary to attach this matter as a good blood, and in particular there is also the opinion of the Gera as 17 [in Mishnab C. Miz] regarding the matter of the blessing, and if the blessing is from Mtsino To dispel in the first there is a party that blesses the sleep without the night, but in God's soul one must reject the doubt whether the night determines or both determine, Mm even if it is rejected yes there are other parties here to rely on, and Mm they used to leave later, and this is true of all those who doubt blessings when they can Leaving later is better.

And there is some reason to settle the custom as to why they used to go out late, because since he sleeps on the day after the blessing of the living of the dead, he enters into another doubt, as in the above-mentioned Bahl, and as there are already two doubts here that he will not bless, it is no longer so simple, And in particular, even the latter who believe that God has a soul as the other blessings of the dawn that greets the creation MM admit that there are first ones who divide the matter of all the blessings of the dawn and in any case it is possible to add them where there are other sides, therefore since there are already two doubts about the exemption, this custom must be justified a little.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4936 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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