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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What is a woman's duty in prayer?

According to the ruling of the Mishnab (line 4) their obligation to pray at Shacharit and Menchah and in the matter of Arabic are not obligatory, and some have written that they also accepted Arabic upon themselves (E. Kahah Retz Sab), and in the case of women who are busy raising children there are those who have adopted that the main rule is that they are not obligated to our Shacharit prayer but in the prayer short (in the name of Chafetz Chaim and the Hazo'a and more, ip in the comments and additions there, and Yaoi' in the length of the words in Shlomo's Walks but it seems from his words that he disagrees with the Mishnab there in some of his words).

And in fact, Ashkenaz girls who practice as Mishnav women are not obliged to perform the evening prayer unless they want to make it harder on themselves or in a way that it is known that there is such a custom, and it is appropriate to do so according to the words of Rabbi Yona, which he brought in the Shu'at, then we will speak 12 For a rule like Damokh from his language and one more must be added to this, and the women of Spain who practice according to the 28th will pray in Arabic.

And regarding the obligation of a woman in Shacharit 20 of the Mishnav where it is correct that they should also say Kash and say also true and stable, and another 20 (C. 1 S.K.B.) 8 of Psalm 44), as well as allegedly being obligated in the blessings of the dawn (ibid. from 34 iii ibid.).

Vei' in the file of responses of the Gerish Ha C. Yad who added more that Parashat HaTamidim would say, Vei's in all his words.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4436 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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