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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

From what age should a small Mitzvah be kept away with prayer and blessings

A. in the 20th century [C. Fa SKA 2] Dish in this several degrees, a very small dish that cannot eat like a grain olive and others of his age cannot eat either.

And there is the second rank of a little one a little bigger than that, who although he himself cannot eat a grain olive, but others of his age can already eat.

And there is the third rank of a little one who can eat a grain olive by himself, but has never eaten a grain olive.

And there is the fourth degree, which is the most serious of all, that the little one has already eaten a grain olive once, even if he became weak afterwards and now can no longer eat.

And there is the fifth degree, which is like the fourth degree, that is, a little one who has already reached an extreme age of six or seven [21 in the 20th century, but the author also says in his language that he is even he, etc., etc.], in which we do not care if Have you ever eaten cereal or can eat cereal at all.

And the details of the rulings in this are as follows, that in the first degree one should not keep away from his mitzvah and from the waters of his feet rule of thumb to begin with.

And in the second degree, we judge the same as the first degree, except that the first degree and the third degree deal with a small child, that if this little one does not eat grain other children of his age can eat, we do not assume that this child cannot eat, but passes from the first degree immediately to the third degree, which is judged by the child as a child who can eat And he does not eat, and the second degree was said only in a child who is known to not be able to eat a grain olive.

And regarding the time when the second or third degree begins, many lessons were said about this in the books of the judges (by Yosef Omtz Yozfa C. 9, Petah Hadvir C. Pa SKA was cited, and Yabetz in Migdal Oz, was cited in 28, Ibid. SKA), And especially in our time, when we use ready-made types of grain that a small one can eat in porridge even a small one who in the past did not eat them, that is why we have discussed this in several rulings within the scope of the lesson on this and if we calculate, I will eat porridge for the lesson (Vai'vi' the framework of the Shalachan on the Katshasa C. H. Skag, Shalachan Melchim Halacha To Moshe C. H. Skala), and the MGA and the Mashnab who mentioned that a grain is also made by cooking the simplicity that the H.E. As food, however, in the name of the Garnak, it was brought that disagreed with this (purity and respect in prayer 5 33 da'at both, Asheri Ish 57 letter 7 Da'at HaGrish, clarifications of halacha 85 Da'at of the Garnak).

And in the third degree is the disagreement of the arbitrators, therefore the Mishnab decided that initially it should be made stricter with the fact that it is a Dauriita doubt and in retrospect there is no need to go back and pray.
And the people of Spain may have to go back and pray again in the 28th SKA.

And in the fourth and fifth degree you have to keep away like any big one.



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