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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Why is a wine blessing that is not appropriate for making wine for Hagarish is everything and not the creator of the fruit of the tree like olive oil

Yaoi' in the Gm' Baruchot La PB Dadin's blessing on wine and on oil is because I thought it was a blessing and perhaps you are of the opinion that grape juice, which has no possibility of becoming wine, does not count as wine, and if you want to say that it is considered that I drink a wine that is still It is more important than grapes in their eyes, MM is explained in the Gm, there is a distinction between the Icha Daicha and the Alevi Iloya Aharina or not, and apparently these opinions hold that this thing is considered as the Ika Ilavia Aharina since it had to be worthy of being made into wine and then the Lord gave it importance , but now it is not worthy to be a wine again will be eliminated from its importance.

And so, why don't we bless the 11th tree for this, since it is not the main part of the fruit, as it was called by Ar Nachman Bar Yitzchak Zelaf Natai Inshi Adeta, etc., and here we make a change to a worse fruit, and Also above, she named in the types of dakmha dakhiti that I mentioned beginning with regard to Eita la Iluya Aharina.

What you asked about grape juice is considered an important drink today, it can only be useful to the Shi'a HaGrish from the State of Hamer Medina (and Rabbi Bashov Yitzchak Lehrab Drezi who actually brought an instruction on this matter from the HaGrish), and it depends on the matter what the fence of Hamer Medina is, but the importance of A finished wine that is remembered as Ashtani al-Iliyyah is only in the sense that it is defined as pleasing to God and people, that is, that it is a drink that is intoxicating and causes joy.

With regard to the next pate in Kesnin, the importance is that a nutritious food was created here at the level of the nutritious grain, and it is baked and has reached the end of its work, and Lika Illoya after the Teriya [i.e. blessings to him], and it is important in any case.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5811 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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  1. לכאו' יש להקשות שכ"ז כאשר המטרה שלה הגיע אינה חשובה אבל כאשר היא חשובה כמו שהיום מיץ ענבים נחשב משקה חשוב להרבה אנשים למה לא יברכו ודומה למה שפסקו שעל כריות אפי' שעשוים מקמח כיון שזה מספיק עילוי מברך מזונות

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