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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

When renovation work is done in the bathrooms and this is faintly felt in parts of the building, is it forbidden to bless there

There is room for the side that if it is a faint smell that does not bother people at all and only those who know that there are renovations know that it is from the bathroom it is not prohibited.

Sources: Regarding the types of bad smell 20 the rulings (the NKJV in the Rambam and the Shu'a and the OT in the 20th century) that the rate of the bad smell is whatever people feel sorry for, but with regard to excrement it is forbidden even without a bad smell, as explained In the Mishnav BKM [see the name of the Sakchah and in the Halal DH Dinam and DH Tzuat] according to the Shasha C. Fev, but with regard to a bad smell in another room that is more irritating and lighter, and api' mentions regarding a person who is not The smell of the kilo in this is from the main point of the law instead of the need [cit. from the Bible C. et Sikih], it is possible that the kilo is when there is no smell that people are careful about, the main point of the hardware regarding excrement that is prohibited in any way (in a way that does not have an odor) is in the excrement before it in the same authority, if The excrement after it with a difference of DA from a place where the odor is not aggravated and the thing is hung with the smell, and also in another authority the thing is hung with the smell (to the Rashba Afi' before it and the Rashba Aqf comes before it), and they did not say that in the excrement the smell is not smelly but only in the way that it is with his permission or in front of him [every MD according to the rules is delia, we mean when he sees her and she is with another permission for the RAS (I. C. et Sabb) or during DA with another permission when he does not see her for the RASBA, or except for the A. In the same authority, each opinion has its own merits (but the opinion that the partition stops in the face of the smell of an epithet, the smell passes through it was not decided in the Halacha, as in the Mishnab Mishnab et Skat'7)], what is the lesson in this, and since we have seen in the matter of a bad smell another that the lesson Everyone in the BNA is sorry, but even in the matter of excrement, where they gave a lesson on the matter of smell, it should be said that this is the lesson that was given, (and we should remind Pom Orha in this that there are opinions in the Rishonim that have not ruled on the halacha that even in the reduction in the prohibited manner [which is a rabbi that has no main) is not prohibited except during the ablution, and according to Didan 20 Ba'ah, if there is no smell in the ablution, one should not stop Efi' in its ablution, and perhaps also in this it should be said that the lesson is the only way for humans to be sorry, and here it is more likely to say yes since there is no excrement here at all) , but I didn't see anything explicit about it.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2402

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