Frequently Asked Questions and Answers found in Halacha

Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

When there is a majority against presumption of wealth, do you go after the majority or after presumption of wealth?

It is not permissible to prepare money after the majority to spend money, and we have found exceptions in several places, such as spending money according to the opinion of the majority of the judges, as well as in the loss of a person who is found in a city that is the majority of Israel, as well as 11 who doubt it is useful to spend money according to existing It is said that it is on behalf of the majority, and there are also those who believe that the custom against possession of money is a majority rule.
And in other places, and the commentators wrote reasons for the above exceptional things.

Sources: See Thos. 22 Kg. Rish AB, Tefa'i B. K. G. B., Tarohad S. S. Shemet and S. Shekhg. The value cannot be compared to the majority that brought dozens of mm in this regard.

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