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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A new tool that was baptized only after the disgrace, can it be used?

Since the desecration of our new dishes (which are not known to have been used for the prohibition) is only a matter of fact, and since it is also not agreed that dishes that need desecration from the law should be baptized again after the desecration in the case that the immersion was before the desecration, therefore this should be made easier and not require desecration again.

Sources: cf. in the file from Beit Levi Nissan, p. 100, and it also turns out that there are many conjunctions in this, although it is not clear that there is a prohibition, and some have argued that today it is known that the situation is better (see in the Sefer Habit Bashrutu), and furthermore that the prohibition has already been clarified In great heat, as in Mishna in Mishnah 1116, and also in the 11th year that there is no need to baptize Afi' again in a complete prohibition as in the 19th century in Yod C. 1972, and also that the prohibition is not of his day, and 11 of the prohibition that is not of his day go "Ec" to baptize again after the abomination, as the great Rabbi of the Yod there, and it is true that the ways of repentance there brought about that there are some who disagree, but "Ec" there are many combinations here that do not require re-baptism.

And you will look at Rama C. Kidd S. D. Dain to understand why the Gentiles smear their vessels of reward with the fat of a pig. "A above regarding the rebellion of Gentiles, which we are dealing with retrospectively because it is not possible, and Sha'ad 4, as it is a blood donation - after all, the opinions of the NTLP and the cancellation of prohibitions are opinions only in retrospect - MM also in our case ACP Chazi Latzatropi and more after the conjunctions also in our case that the baptist Before the insult, there is a side of hindsight to the matter of NTLP according to the aforementioned words of the first.

Also regarding the matter of swallowing tools, I. in Rama 3. Kaka 9a, in the name of the Rabbis C. Shemet, who ki'il again in 23, except that there the kola is in a subdued cold and here Meiri is boiling, and also AA to learn from there for everything Iash.

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