Frequently Asked Questions and Answers found in Halacha

Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

When he tasted the Kiddush and saw that it was sour, what would he do?

If it is sour to the extent that people avoid drinking it, the obligation of sanctification is not fulfilled, even if it smells good, and one must sanctify again, and if one did not intend to drink wine apart from this cup one must also bless the creator of the fruit of the vine again
And if there was wine in front of him at the time of kiddush on the table or bench, and he also intended to drink from it, some say that he discharged the obligation of kiddush for the same wine that was in front of him, and this can be relied upon when he has no one to take it out in kiddush again.

Sources: Och Arab, 1 and Noach, as well as in the above above Ra'a, 15 in the name of the Radbaz.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 1634

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