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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A child who moans a lot from constipated pain is it permissible to give him medicine on Shabbat

It is permissible, since a baby has the right of a sick person who is not in danger of being allowed medical matters on Shabbat, and in particular in such a way that it is possible to consider Efi' by and large as falling into a bed according to the matter.

Sources: In the matter of medicine for a patient who was absolved on Shabbat in the year of the 18th century, the Rabbis of Israel forgot, and in the matter of the definition of Daktan patients in the opinion of the Shu'a SS Reo, and we were, if necessary, as much as a night in the Bihagara there, and also in the opinion of Ram. I forgot 17.

And there are several opinions among the arbitrators as to what the definition of the permit is in small (see comments and additions in S. Reo there), and we have simply resorted to permitting in this way, according to the definition of the Bihagara in S. Reo 16 that the sages permitted small needs, and as many recent and arbiters of our time have decided according to his words .

And regarding the age of the little one, according to the above comments and additions, and there is a place to side with such a thing, even with a big one, there is a place to make it easier, as long as the little one needs a lot for it, since a big one has a place to allow it in a way that is very difficult for him, according to the law, he falls asleep, and anyone who can't do it His duties and needs are already considered to have fallen into disrepute as the second string.

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