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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A Spanish groom who is staying with his parents how should he act when lighting a Hanukkah candle

Here is the opinion of the author, as is well known, that even in the strictest of the strictest, not every member of the house is lit, and the lighting of the house takes everyone out, although all this is true of the members of the house, but the one who spends the night in this house does not die by lighting the house.

And according to the words of the author, they will not light any more, either on the first night or on the rest of the nights, and they are all dragged to the house of God, even his eldest sons and his servants, since they are always next to his table, and they are all members of his household. "To.

And it is explained in the Gm in the words of Raz 7 in the Gm that during the time that his wife was not lighting for him in his home he had to participate in the perot with the Behab and the Eiz would be out of his duty in lighting the Behab, but if he does not participate in the pennies he is not out of his obligation in the Behab.

And also a ruling in the Shu'a [C. 1977 SA].

Therefore, a groom who has to stay at his parents' house or his in-laws' house on a Shabbat that falls in Hanukkah must light candles or share in a penny since there are no lights for him in his house at that time, and without participating in a penny he cannot be exempted from his obligation to light them.

And if he has an open door for himself, one should light a light in his door [Shu'a ibid].

And regarding the person who is in the habit of lighting a light inside, what will be the judgment in such a way that there is a separate opening, refer to the Rama'a and the Sh'nav where in this there is no need to pay for it, and it is sufficient to participate in a penny.

And with regard to whether there is a law from the Mahdrin from the Mahdrin at Shear HaTzion [C. For the people of Sephard at Beit HaLevi [Hanukkah], it is explained that according to the Shoah, the Mahdrin of the Mahdrin is also enough for an innkeeper to participate in the peruta.

Indeed, it seems that there are arbitrators who divided the 17

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4183 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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