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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

The milk of a Gentile that was milked by a Gentile for his own use before a small Israel is the small faithful in that it is kosher milk in order to allow it to Israel

Those who are in the habit of making light of the cameras regarding Gentile milk can certainly make light of this, and even those who are strict with the cameras of the main law can make light of it, and we found someone who was careful about this and perhaps he is of a Hassidic degree.

Sources: Yaoi' in Rama C. Keto SA regarding a Gentile who milked before a little Israel Damboar where the little one is faithful, and we were nine years old as explained there in DM and SH and 16 in the long name.

However, the main issue in Rama there is the manner in which the gentile is milked in Beit Yisrael and the issue is what is the fence of mirat in this, since this delanin benefits mirat from the little one since the little one may discover his deed, and as we found fences similar to this in the laws of singularity, but in such a way that there is no mirat, such as in the case of your question If the gentile milked in his private dairy and gave milk of his own to the little one, this already enters into the judgment of loyalty to the little one.

And Yaoi' in Shach C. Kich Skalg Degdar Mir'at is a strong case of a trust that preserves a benefit for a small person, afi' in a daurita, af that a small one does not have a fiduciary in a daurita except with the testimony of a woman.

And Ya'oi' at the beginning of a response in parentheses, which he brought in the name of wisdom, Adam Klal Sez S.D. who wrote that even the Gentile does not know that it is forbidden to Israel and does not belong to Miretat MM Naman Dain, he was afraid of it, but to spurn him lest he should change, and to spurn a little faithful one, and they said in the name of the Gamuma Yaski The deceased did not rely on Katan and Tsa Akal HaKha, and the Fathai concluded a response to his dependence on the issue of whether Gentile milk is prohibited in the matter of Minin.

And in the S.C. after that, the latter group brought the last ones from the Hardbz 6. C. Alf Kamez and the Parach. As a Nesach and ACP for the Ashkenazi people is prohibited from the law and is close to a vow from the Dauriita Akkad, and we were to understand that the proofreader at the beginning of Tshuva (and there is evidence that there may be some of the brackets that are from the Mohar Iserlan Moilana with the Jerusalem addition) that the P.D. that sees it as not lawful, Israel sees that the decree did not apply, but that the decree did apply, and there is an external verification that the milk is kosher, and therefore the AAG Devdarbanan rely on Katan as explained in Rama 3. Kakhiz end of sg in a way that I will not uphold Isura, MM There is no clarification here that there is no prohibition Durban because the Durban ban has already come into effect, and it is as it were condemned by the dispute of the arbitrators regarding the cameras of the day.

ונמצא שלפ"ד המגיה בפתחי תשובה המחמירים לאכול מוצרי חלב כיום רק מכשרויות כגון הבד"ץ עדה"ח ובד"ץ בני ברק שמקפידים שלא להסתמך רק על מצלמות, יצטרכו להחמיר גם במקרה של השאלה שלך, אבל המקילים לאכול מכשרויות שסומכים על מצלמות יתירו גם באופן שלך, דחלב גוי לא חשיב אתחזק איסורא כלל לענין להחזיקו כחלב טמא.

However, this assertion of the Fatash Magyar is very puzzling, since this is already explained in the Rama'a and they rule that in the manner of Mir'at, a small one is as faithful as a large one, and yet in the face of a small one there is no derivation of heathen milk as in the face of a large one, so whether it is because we do not guess at her, whether because of David the Gentile is not a mirat, and because of that he considered his milk not before Israel, but even in such a way that there is a great name of Israel, it would not be useful, and such a side did not come to the minds of the judges, and the HA did not have such a side. And so the difficulty is, why in the case of a large guard there is no decree at all and in a small guard only a clarification is considered.

To this it is possible to say that the above-mentioned sage's strictness is for himself in order to stay away from any fear of prohibition, and lest there be a small fire that the Lord is not so harsh, Yaoi' in the above-mentioned Rama'a concerning a small testimony, but aa to settle yes, Dahzi Man Gabra Rabba Damshid Avtaria is the wisdom of a person.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5796 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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