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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

The married couple is prohibited in the law. Does the woman go out on a marriage contract with the husband?

As for the law of his wife as such, it certainly does not exist here, but the law of a son of a house apparently exists here, since the law of a son of a house does not depend on a relative at all, and therefore comes from an obligation.

And despite the fact that we have found that there are fines regarding priesthood in women, he is forbidden by the prohibitions of priesthood, mm where they were not fined, they were not fined.

And if her stay in the house is forbidden because of a peculiarity with him, MM because if there was someone there who saves from the peculiarity she would be allowed to live there, therefore her prohibition to distinguish herself there is a matter separate from her residence, and it does not preclude her from being considered a member of the household, nor is it simple that what is done in the prohibition is not He is considered a member of the household and in exchange for the type of the employee, whether he is happy or not, according to the details of the type.
However, once again we see a model without exception that it is forbidden to live there without an Adifa from his divorce, and God forbid in that, but it does not appear that the Hanukkah candle laws depend on the apartment permit and this is what we found that the judges brought that OT 4 will die as other household laws.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4168

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