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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Place an unopened carton of milk with another food should there be any concern that the carton was dirty with milk

It is certainly worth checking because it is found that sometimes a bag of milk is torn in the store and the rest of the sealed milk is not clean, and everything that can be easily found out is checked and clarified, but if it is not already in front of us, and we want to mix the food related to the milk carton with meat, in a way that does not involve washing it, such as in the matter Moisture or powder, etc., apparently does not strengthen the prohibition and there is no obligation to fear that something was done that was not supposed to be done and created, and in general it is clean, ACP in milk in a box, and in the S.C. and in the Hagra and PMG ISA Is it just Washed dishes or not, and the opinion of the majority of the puskims that they do not worry in retrospect, and yet for our purposes that they do not know if it got dirty, and it is true that the puskims discussed cups and salt to initially separate meat from milk, but from Kofia I did not find a clear reference to this discussion in the puskims, and in fact he would make a smart question.

However, in the event that the milk was touched from the outside only by a matter of fur and the sentence for eating it after meat should not be made worse, A. Sh. Pet. 19, and also since we discussed there the well is well and the house is bright in the words of the S. Here there is nothing that is condemned here but only touching the Alma, and if there is concern that there is no S. to cancel the touching of the milk to the house of Meir there it is legally condemned as a stew of milk, and as in the Shoah Tsa 1, and in this it is more severe than the NT Bar NT of Cooking in a congealed pot or cooking in a pot that has an S against the first gender in cooking, both in Shu'a and in Harma.

And it is also possible to allow this in the case of the Hari Rama who is strict in the Torah of sin for just vessels that are not in the possession of clean ones as brought by the PMG Rish Tzah and the Hari Rama Gofia in the Okh in the Pesach Tamaz 4 although he initially made it strict with the vessel that was not tested, but in retrospect by intervening from Kil Shem, Aka Kash to other judges who clean just dishes, and afi' to the strict ones who just clean dishes, MM in retrospect, clean and Kash in such a new dish that it is doubtful whether we will get dirty as if we doubt on doubt not on the P.K. In the Shoah 14 Pesach Thess 4, and also for the last ones who got worse in S. Tamez there they did not shine with new tools.

And also YLA if they are miru only on Pesach, the prohibition of something defining a knife that is not clean is something like Mash in the Mishnav where Skapah is and there is a phlogta in it in the 2nd of the Yod.

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