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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

The one who plants in a pot that does not have a specified mother is liable for a veil

In this there is a dispute among the scholars as to whether it is due from Daoriyata or from Darbanan, and the Hazo'a ruled as the Rash that divides between a pot of pottery and a pot of other species, that in pottery it is from Daoriyata and in most other species it is Madrabanan.

Sources: I. The summary of the issue and the opinions on it with wonderful clarity in the way of unbelief in the 18th century and in the explanation of the Halacha there, Delharambam adopted several recent ones who believe that he is from Daorita as a Jerusalemite (and it is not agreed with the KA in his opinion), and the Babylonian Hoaz disagrees with this , and the Rash divided between the sexes and thus the Chazu'a adopted the laws of circumcision as a sign of heart, and regarding dung and earthen vessels the path brought faith there from the Malam 52 of the 11th Korim 59 of the 19th century is from the 19th century.
And for the matter in question, whether it should be considered as a Darbanan DAI offense or abroad, the DRA took the judgment as an AI offense.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 3715

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