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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

My little son blesses in the morning for a tassel that he sleeps wearing at night, am I obliged to protest him?

There is no obligation to protest it, but one must ensure that he is aware of the methods on the subject and the decision of the arbitrators.

Sources: The last 20 days are a protest when he has an arbiter to rely on, and A. Rama in the end of the Lord are judges, as well as the child who is obligated to obey a mitzvah, whether the obligation is on him or the father (Mach. Rashi and Ramban and Thos '), and KIL Ladidan who blessed the cancellation of Darbanan, in particular that here in our case there is also the opinion of the education and the ACMAL was brought in the NSMA even though the education was not ruled out as a halacha, MMA A'tz to come to it in the NIDD because Gabi the little one was a 2 Durbanan in a place where he has a ruler to trust him to bless the tassel, the way to inform and teach him, of course, this should be the main issue of education as well as the form and teaching them (and T. Kiddushin to the High School), but if he wants to act as the one who obligates the blessing, the authority is in his hand and his father is not obligated to stand against him and hinder him This desert.
And from M.M. it cannot be claimed that the father is exempt from teaching the details of the laws, this is not the case in Ritbaa Sukkah 2, and Rama A Och 173 and Doc.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2342

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