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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Should you rinse your mouth between eating fish and eating meat?

The people of Sephard have an obligation to wash their hands and wash their mouths and eat a mouthful of shroi, and the people of Ashkenaz have no obligation to do this or that, and MAM should eat and drink something to clean his mouth, and MAM even if he does not do so, he has someone to rely on.

Sources: Yaoi' in the 20th century C. Keg S. K. B. in the name of the Maga Dashir that in our time there is no such danger because of how many things nature has changed, and in the S. K. after that he brought the words of the Rama in the Yod C. Katz of our customs that there is no fear between meat and fish And from M.M. one should eat something between them and drink a dessert and a dhoha, aka David as Mr.

And here is the late Shu'a in Yod C. Katz, he will wash his hands between meat and fish (and this was also brought up in Shu'a Och C. Keag above) and eat a mouthful of sardines in order to wash his mouth, and the Rama'a wrote .

And Yaoi' in the 20th in the Yod where they brought, in the name of the prohibition and the long term, a number of laws that were not stated between meat and fish in retrospect, as a number of prohibitions regarding the matter of Richa, and also Yaoi' in the issues regarding the salting of fish and meat in which ways the fish are allowed, and indeed the arbitrators mentioned Detridi, etc., But MM Hazi' apparently that the prohibition fence killed outright prohibitions.

However, p. 16 in the Yod, there is a S. K. B. who brought several mm in this, and it seems that some took the view that this risk is Hamira from Isura and like the Maharil that was brought in 16 there.

And there are those who have concluded that this danger is greater than other prohibitions, and like the Maharashal and the 16th there at the end of his words, (perhaps in addition to the fact that today this danger has weakened).

And as in Farah, the evidence rejected by Meharal and Sal Damharil only made it worse as an isura and nothing more.

And I. also in the Shekh there who brought several opinions about whether this skhanta is kila miisura or khamira miisura, and I. in the silver points that we see from his words in Delanin the explained 16 there is no skhanta khimra from isura 64 and yet regarding the matter of riha in the shekh Gofia brought Shia Dahmira Skhanta from Isura A.S.

However, what is agreed upon in the words of the Nakh, where some say that it is more severe than Isura, and some say that it is Kiel from Isura, and the Shekh seems to depend on what is condemned.

And it should be noted that in the Yod there it seems that they did not lighten up as much as the Maga MM who trusts him, he has someone to trust in terms of revelation and strict pairs as the main opinion that the natures have changed, as well as with regard to other things that will be discussed in the Toss in the Sep. K. DMOK, and yet it turns out its tastes and in any case whoever trusts him has someone to trust, and also the comments of Mordechai Gofia that the Rama'a brought in his seemingly completely lenient decision, but the Dharma's stricture to do as a kind of dessert and dismiss to fear the strict ones (and it is also possible that there is some meaning in the Ram "A that the simple custom at the time was completely easy, but it came to be more severe than the custom."

And whereas Dathan to this it should be noted according to the Tos' in the Mok there Dahaydna the natures changed and water is not good after eating fish and brought in the Ra'a and I heard about a very prominent person in his generation who was afraid of it to drink wine after a fish and I did not have the right to understand Datos' 20 that the natures changed from the time of the Gm' to their time and "For this matter, even in our time, there is a tendency to follow what is in our time, and the reality of this is that."

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