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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible for a beautician to give her daughter a facial treatment and facial cleansing on the holiday?

Yaoi' in the Shu'a in the second chapter of Tkemu, the Sai'ah makes a woman wear all her jewelry at the time, and wrote there in the Bihal in the name of the Ritva that it is a necessity of the body and as it were a food of the soul and therefore does according to her without change and in tirha rabbah akal.
And according to this apparently the act of a craftsman would also be permissible, and despite the words of the above-mentioned rabbis apparently not detracting from food for the soul.

And with soul food, it is permissible to do the work of a craftsman, as in the Mishnav, in the name of the Gra and the rulings.
And even in things that are necessary as food for the soul, the work of a craftsman is permitted, refer to the Ramban's rulings of Hoham regarding the matter of a seruched apartment, from Shnav Tikal Skav and as he explained in the second thread of Hoham p. Ri.

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