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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it allowed to empty the bag from the trash at home on Shabbat?

If it bothers him, such as if it smells bad or if the garbage is full and scattered and makes him feel bad, it is allowed to take it as a graph of evil.

And the graph of my enemies is only where they are and disturbs those who are.

Sources: The law of a graph of rai in the Shoah Okh C. Shekh RPM, and the definition of a graph of rai is explained in the Rama'a C. Ra'at Sabb and in the Mashnab there SKO that it depends on how disgusting the thing is in the eyes of humans, and see Bag M. H. C. 11 letter B for the matter when it interferes with scattering.

And with regard to the garbage can, in the second thread, 1776, and what got worse there in the kitchen, which is not considered a graf of rai unless one lingers in it for a long time, tza'k dhari even in the yard where a graf of rai passes, and also an act of darv ashi In GM it does not mean that there was a permanent name for a long time instead of the perfumes, and I urge some to say that only with regard to mice instead of the perfumes, the abhorrent is a little bit more specific.

And with regard to the aforementioned courtyard, it is true that 20 Shu'a shah lad who sit there, but it is explained in the 20th century that there is a sek kala, i.e. there are stairs in it and there is a footstep there, and in PZ 20 a kitchen where the food is prepared and arranged.

And in an emergency, one must settle a rabbi's house. It is a separate law that, since his honor is like the Mishnab of the A.C.A.P., which is not fixed, the calculation of a neighbor's graph, but in a closed place that is not necessary because of his honor, the definition of a neighbor's graph is only if he is delayed a lot, and as "G. I was pushed only to reconcile the Garnak method with this, but the simplicity of the Mishnab that there is no need for conditions in the kitchen that are delayed a lot.

In the way that the purpose of shaking the trash is only for the purpose of sand and does not interfere at the moment except for preparation, there is another problem of shaking the trash without the need for Shabbat (and the preparation is certainly here that shaking is prohibited for the purpose of preparation as in the 20th century) and in detail in the above.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5440 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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