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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to kill a child within m days

It should be noted that according to some of the scribes it is even possible to desecrate the Sabbath for a child even within a month, and there is a prohibition of murder by the hand of heaven to kill an unborn fetus within a month.
And the new soul of Avraham, HoM p. Kenez regarding the seriousness of the prohibition in this, as well as in the Torah of the Embryo, chapter 7, p. Kenav and onwards who extended this a lot, and the essence of the matter which brought many methods there at the level of the seriousness of the matter, but simply that it is a complete prohibition for the Dina, whether it is a Dauriita or Darbanan prohibition And whether it is a prohibition of murder or another prohibition.

And regarding the specific case that she does not want a child because he is a terrorist, this guilt must be reassured according to Torah and Halacha, he does not refer to his father but to his mother only, and he is a kosher Israel, and he should not be kept away because of his lineage.

And if there is no opinion on whether the mother agrees with this, the foster care organization operating according to the Torah should be instructed to raise the child, and there is no prohibition in this at all, and of course it should be preferred to murder.

Regarding the teaching of one rabbi that the fetus has the din of a stalker since the mother will enter into a severe mental crisis because of it, the Anad AA said yes so quickly, that this needs a clear examination, what is the likelihood of this fear permitting murder, that if this child If he is born and goes to foster care, will he lose his mind, and if this fear is a clear fear, and that if a person says that his friend is causing him an irreversible mental crisis, his friend will be judged by a stalker, even though a fetus that has not been exposed to the world is easier, mm very narrow To take opinions and inventions to the sides of voices and allow murder because of this, and therefore the Anad AA apparently does not allow any murder here, and we must go into the details of the laws here, and I will not prolong this further since the books are already full of what was discussed on the previous day, and also on the unique question This has already been discussed by wise men greater than me.

ובהשלמת הדברים יעוי' עוד בתשובתי לענין הנידון על סיגריה בשבת במקום פקו"נ, שם הרחבתי עוד מראי מקומות לענין הברור שלא כל דבר שיכול קצת לסייע נחשב פקו"נ ולא כל מה שטוענים שיביא לחולי מותר על ידי זה, וכמו שדן החתם סופר בענין דומה וציינתי בתשובה שם.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5427

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