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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to bless a havdala on the smell of etrogs that lead to a havdala

Yaoi' in the Shu'a Och Ratez in a dewberry that is ready to be eaten and smelled is a blessing and there are some scholars who believe that a kind of person in heaven will not bless ai in Bihal at the end of the sign, and likewise the Gra disagrees and narrates like the rest of the scholars and so does the Chazu'a, and even those who brought it to him Now for the sake of the smell of the Shachak in this the rabbi verbs OHH HB la la barach afi' to the Hagra MM the Chazoa also disagrees with this in the opinion of the Hagra (and in the Bhal 4H when he took it into account that the Shu'a does not shoot me either But in his obligation to smell the קרא אקר מיריים in every way even when they brought him there a smell similar to the mash mishnab), and etrogim are a fruit that is intended for eating as the first mash vei' in the length of the Bhal in the above section 4 or To eat and in Bhal at the end of the sign.

And the Bhal took his conclusion in Sab Degra admits that he took the fruit also to smell and the Hazo'a disagrees and so on.

And from the etrogs of our times, which are not eaten as such when they are in the early stages of growth and also before cooking in fire in which no creature can eat them, and in addition to the opinion of the Shu'a and in addition to the opinion of the Rabbi, verbs for the matter were brought before him for the sake of smell, and in addition to the conclusion of the Bahl in the opinion of the Gra that in the manner they took Even for the purpose of smelling, the Gra Dambarach acknowledges, in addition to all this it is permissible to bless the etrog.

And the body of the matter does indeed have an interest in making it precisely in the Ethrog and KMS, the rulings on the matter of the Myrtle Dhu'ail and I'veid her a mitzvah hada of D's species to I'ebid her an after mitzvah of and the blessing of the candle, but Mm in the Nidd since we are entering into a halachic question in this Ethrog there is no point in taking it instead of a proper sky To begin with ACP in a place where there is no known custom for this.

And it should also be noted that it is appropriate to take something that was blessed by heaven according to the custom of the Ashkenazim.

And regarding whether there is a prohibition to bless an atrog that has been set apart for a mitzvah, i.e. in the explanation of the halacha SS Rataz and the conclusion of the words there after Sukkot there is no fear even for those who are stricter than at the time of taking it, as is explained there in the explanation of the halacha 25 or in parentheses.

And for the above-mentioned condemned body that an Etrog before cooking should be considered as not ready to be eaten, there is a kind of thing like this, Delanin, the definition of a blessing that gives a good smell to fruits, in the opinion of the Shoah. , and perhaps from this we will learn about the above-mentioned Graa, G.C., V.I.A.

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