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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is a person allowed to have aesthetic treatments?

When there is something that bothers and disturbs (although in a way that it would bother and disturb) it is permissible for the OT, and in other types of treatments the law is that where it is customary for men to do the same, it is allowed for the RHMA and this was the custom in other communities as well, and the members are avoided everywhere, and the author's opinion is not to allow However, in the case of shaving the armpits, which is explicitly prohibited in the G.M. (and the Gra's opinion prohibits it completely), and regarding each case of beauty separately where it is not clear whether it is a man's or a woman's custom, there are recent scholars who have made it stricter in the 22nd and there is a place to discuss the Halacha in each case on its own merits.

Here in Gm it is explained that there is a prohibition against wearing it while looking in a mirror (Tosefta 17, 13, end of 11, and Yerushalmi, Shem 12, 22) and shaving for white women out of blackness (Shabbat Tsad 12 and Makkah 21) (and they dyed As explained in Rambam at the end of the 17th chapter and the Tosha 3. Kefav 26, and apparently the 5th is any treatment that serves this purpose), and shaving the armpits and the pubic area (Nazir Net AA).

And from what they did not learn about the issues in a negotiation, one of its authors means that the AA decides on everything that is done for repair and beauty that is a women's way, (and A. B. H. C. Kefav S.D. in the name of Rashel, what discussed the matter of a place where there is no way for women to move house hair Haschai, as well as in the 16th century, there, and in the MM there, since it is mentioned in the GM that it is a stricter way for women), and therefore I can learn something from his author in this matter, but it can be said that something that is mainly done for women and usually is not used at all for people like Treating hair straightening is certainly a problem, and regarding the removal of large warts which is a source of sorrow as follows, there is no prohibition in this, but with regard to every question about the body, you have to check, and I know that the students of the hazua in their answers have made these corrections very difficult and in fact, in every question about the body, have made it worse.

The main rule in most treatments of this type is that if through men in the same place to have the specific type of treatment they want to do, they are allowed to do so.
However, the members everywhere refrain from preoccupation with beauty in things that are primarily intended for women, even if they are customary for men (cf. Rama'a Yod C. Keno SB regarding looking in the mirror and Rama C. Kapav SA this law regarding shaving the armpits and pubic hair , and it is the Rabbi's opinion).
And regarding the place of sorrow or shame or pain is permissible (ie. C. Kenu there in the Shu'a and Rama'a) and everything that means only medicine and not beauty is also allowed according to the Shu'a (ie. in the Bhagra' i.e. Saka).

And the opinion of the Gra to make it worse by looking in the mirror or picking whites out of blackness even where they used to do it (see Ibid. SK 6), as long as there is no sorrow or pain in it, or even the removal of dirt (according to the SK'T), and the simplicity of the opinion of the Shu'a B.C. Kepav agrees with the Gra's opinion on this.
And from the 20th century, the value of bread in the C. was bought there, as the custom is as lenient in this, except for the members who at least avoid it everywhere and as above.

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