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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible on Shabbat to prepare a slightly thick Materna with a soft batter

The most important part of the kola mentioned by the judges of our time in matrena is when the thing is completely melted, and according to the Haza'a (Och. C. Noach Skat), that a thing that is completely melted was not ruled upon, and indeed there is a side to allow making matrena even if during the preparation it is a little thick because that the goal and end of the preparation is for it to melt completely (see OLC 12 13 Tshuvah 8), but in a way that puts a lot of the Matrena powder in order for the result to be thick, it is judged differently, if it creates something a little thick it has already been judged as a soft batter that is allowed to be made on Shabbat only under For the laws explained in C. 21 from section 10 onwards and 12 there.
And in fact, preparing Matrena in this way is equivalent to making a cold dough on Shabbat with a soft batter.

And a summary of the laws explained in the rulings that something that is not limitable and its batter is soft, it is permissible to make a lot of it if you make a change (and its thick batter should also be changed little by little and we will not go into the laws of a thick batter here), and in the opinion of the Mishnab, subsection Sah and Skanz also requires a change in the order of giving And also in Irov and 25 in the 18th century, and in the opinion of the Chazoa, Och C. Na Sakh, one change of the order of giving the mishkin, and 25 in the demand, is sufficient.

And he wrote in a second thread (Ha Pig p. 16 and p. Kidd) that in a dough only with a soft batter it is permissible if one changes the order of giving in the opinion of the Chazu'a, and in the opinion of the Mishnab it is also necessary to change the mixing and mixing two and one mixing and it is forbidden to shake it, and so on in the tribe of Levi (Hat Si Ag) that because of the baby's needs, it is possible to prepare a thin porridge with two changes.

And in reality in practice regarding the changes that must be made in this tzak, haven't we heard that there is a fixed order in giving the Matrena that must be changed on Shabbat, and if the way is measured according to what each one is used to or according to the place, and in the Rama'a C. Shacha St. 17 it means that you walk According to the place, and it is also explained in the Chazoa in the OH C. Noah SKA.

And in fact the Mishnav in the Skanaz brought a dispute as to how to act in a place where the order of giving is not strictly known, and Ish Shik in this, and the Hazu'a there 20 that if the custom of the place is not to be careful there is no rule to speak and according to the opinion of the 16th cited in the Mishnav there, and from "M. 20, the name of the Chazoa in the SKO, that in a soft dough it is possible to make it easier by making a change in the order of the border, since in a soft dough its prohibition is only from a spur, therefore we can rely on the judges like Rabbi Bar Yehuda that there is no prohibition from the Torah in giving water to flour, and it is enough to change that he does not stir according to his own method, but in two and one evening or by infusing the pulp from one vessel to another, and it should be noted that this Kola model of the Chazu'a is based on his method there and in B. No. 123 that giving water to a thing that is not bounded is not prohibited unless it is spurred on, but the Mishnab C. Shacha Sec. "N disagrees with this and believes that according to the majority of the first, Efi is obligated to Rabbi Bari immediately upon giving the water, and therefore this voice of the Chazu'a is not based on the Mishnab method.

And also regarding the change of a little, a little, if it is appropriate to use it here, since in Materna, the way is to prepare on weekdays, a little, a little, and in particular for the PMash in the 20th century, there is a Sknad that even as a grogar, he calculated a little, and in the Chazoa C. Noach Sakh Davdar that the way to limit it little by little is not helpful in the change of little by little.

And maybe if he prepares a very little matrane in such a way that it is obvious that such a little there is no way at all to prepare it during the sand days it will be considered a change.

And with regard to what is condemned in a thing that is limitable if it benefits him a little bit, the Mishnab and the Hazo'a C. Noah SKZ6 disagreed on this, but matrana is really a thing that is not limitable.

And Yaoi' in the 18th century, note 10 and in the 19th century, where he brought in the name of the Garshaza that it might be easier to make the above-mentioned thick matrana, since it is obvious that it is not for baking and that it wants to be eaten right away, and I did not copy all of his words because his words are very updated, and in particular, in my kind which are not for baking at all, which is obligatory on them, and from above to say dates or by baking or for a period of time, and other dishes that are divided by the rulings if near a meal is permissible, and it is explained that a request to renew this law is sbara, in particular that here is an addition of a sbara that this is usual and evident that it is done close to a meal, in particular that the abortion" A himself did not rule so with certainty and the other arbitrators of our time disagreed on this.

And the seriousness of this is precisely in the way that there is a minimum of the thickness of something that is felt (and even then in the basic and normal case it would be judged as a soft night mentioned by the judges), but in the case that the thickness is only in the knowledge and you don't really feel something thick, even if in practice it is not as thin as Clear water like you prepare from normal tarna, mm not necessarily considered thick, and anyone who knows that there is any thickness whatsoever and does not know if it is within the mentioned thickness should ask a wise question.

It should be noted in all of this that according to the Yesh, they say in C. 21 above, that they are very strict about giving on Shabbat, and I did not attempt to interpret their words in this answer, since the furniture of the last judges is poor according to their words.

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