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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Does a small one have the integrity to say about a Gentile's work on Shabbat that was done for the sake of the Gentile himself in order to allow Israel a large one on Shabbat

Yeavi' in Rama C. 133 sg that a small man is faithful in Darbanan without the prohibition of Isura and Ish in the commentary of the Gra that there are halkin in this, and Iash in the issue of the Rasha Gach, and in the matter of Didan that the prohibition is apparently doubtful even for the halkim It is permissible, according to the interpretation of the Gra, and according to what the DKIL states that in any doubt and confusion in the act of Shabbat it is to be lightened, but in the way that it seems that the Gentile did it for the sake of Israel, it is necessary to say that it is proven against the law as explained in the act of Deshmuel in the Gm, so in this way there is Let it be discussed as ithazeq isura and it is possible that a small person will not be faithful in this, a dekatan is not faithful in ithazeq isura as explained in the Rama'a there.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5791 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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