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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is there any point in sitting down before putting the SAT in order to get up?

I was satisfied with the matter of raising the sat, is it better to come over the person while sitting and then stand, or for the person to be standing, from Iqra and Nkm, is there any merit in sitting down before the raising in order to stand up when they are raising the sat, or rather, is it better not to sit down at the moment of the raising while raising the sat, etc. "7. A held SSAT will be standing.

And it seems that evidence must be brought from Dr. Zira [Barchot 20 1a] He sat in the doorway of the Hamad 2d with a weak heart so that he would stand up when the sages passed, and this means that he should sit before the sage passes and stand when he passes, and so also on the Sabbath he will only fulfill the commandment If he sits and he gets up when he gets up.

Although, on the other hand, there is evidence from Rabbi Yosef's Dekamer in PK Dakidushin [no PB] that when he heard his mother's voice he said Ikum Makmi, which is like a datya, meaning that even before he saw her he had already gotten up because of the voice, and so even on the Sabbath apparently it is better to get up already Before the raising, when you feel the raising, and you have to postpone it, you already heard the sound of the gear shift. Here, the act of raising was not initiated at all, and from Mm it means that the dish is raised so that the first moment will not be in the yeshiva.

and leave by both degrees on the side of the alleged doubter if he sits down first, and as soon as he sees that almost from his height, he stands and leaves by both of them.

But the testimony of Rabbi Yosef Dakhion Dahuah Seignor could not have acted except by voice alone and not by sight at all. In any case, from where did you come to him in the class of his full eyes? who was a Seigneur and so on.

And Ya'oi' in Sh. C. Ramad SKO, what he wrote about Hacham and Zal, does not stand as above, meaning a duty to stand until he reaches D. Amutio dai for the Esmo'inan daino daino has to be explained above section 2 and even on the back of Debanashi and Av B.D. And his Lord is clear that he stands as he sees fit, alma daikha hidor, afi' in a far away place, it is certain that they must stand in front of him as his eyes are full, icha hidor, but in the wise, dalma, since he is bound, it is not proven from the word that he stands in front of, but it appears as if he is standing for his sake, and Mm is not Really evidence for this, Daha in the SAT really has the right to stand up to its full potential, and in any case if it stands as a teenager to posit the SAT, it is possible to prove it completely.


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