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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is there a source for the Mishka Rabbi Daman Acre about the act of a rat and a bore

What he added there that the daughter was the daughter of Rabbi Meir Hatana and the man was Rabbi Yossi HaCohen, I do not know the source of his words, and the question can be directed to Hagar Yitzchak Yeshaya Weiss who researched several things according to him.

To the body of your question if there is anything to be added in the act of a rat and a fool, Yaoi' in the Great Midrash what he added there about it.
And my commentary on this part of the IDF has not yet been printed, and is in handwritten form.

Regarding the matter under discussion, if there is one or more Rabbi Meir, it should be noted to the Midrash the ten commandments of speech shall not commit adultery, and it is not clear who the source of this act is, and as I believe that the Garhak in his glosses to the treasurer of midrashim value practical practices deleted this act.

By the way, it should be noted that the so-called rescuer Yosef is similar in this to Yosef who chatted in his heart and his name is Yosef as Yosef the First.

Regarding whether he is R. Yossi HaCohen Damtani' or someone else, it should also be noted that Yosef HaCohen is mentioned in several places in the Mishnah Safad Dakhla and Rabbi Dakalim and in the Gm. in Zabhahim DK approximately and in No. Abel Rabati, I don't know the answer to this, and I need your help. Find out what the origin of Hari Daman Acre is in this.

By the way, it is mentioned about Rabbi Meir that his sons died in the midrash Mishli PALA brought forth in Rokah C. Na, and about Yosef HaCohen it is mentioned that his wife died in the sacrifices there as well as in Mok 23 AA, and I do not remember that it was mentioned that Yosef HaCohen's sons died.

Regarding whether he is Josephus, I have already explained in another answer in detail that Josephus the Lord is one of the externals and was not related to the sages and the sages were not related to him.
And this is despite the fact that in the name of Abarbanal Davot brought in UEFA, mm I have already explained the matter in detail.

Although I could not help you mainly as you requested, I hope that I have advanced you a little.

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