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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is there a source in the Shu'a that a person who does not observe Shabbat who touches wine forbids the wine

Yaoi' in the Shu'a in the laws of a suspect C. Kit Sai' 7 Dai' where a person who does not believe in the Sages or violates the Sabbath is more serious than other suspects who are also judged for this matter as an employee according to the 17

And next to the name of sections 9 to 12, it is mentioned there about several ways that there is no converted law in the matter of yin and in the matter of slaughter and in the matter of a suspect, and in each section a different matter is mentioned and means lahdia daha baha tlia.

And in the Law of Slaughter and Shabbat, we will explain that the definition of not keeping Shabbat is as a destroyer.

And for the matter of this obliteration, it is also explained further on in the words of the Shu'a in Hal' Yi'an C. Kachd Sai' 8 9 that it is forbidden.

And it means from the 27th that the law of the Jewish people is equal to the matter of slaughter which the Shua compares in the above-mentioned C. Kit to the raids of the 20th century, and I did not go into the words of the latter in this, but only to indicate the source of this law in the words of the Shua.

It should also be noted that RMA C. Kachd S.T. took the name of the Rabbis that the animus if they commit crimes in Sana'a they are judged as heathens and since it is a state that breaks the yoke of the world as a mushomed and not a state that works in Sana'a Except that he commits transgressions in Sana'a and this is only proof that he is destroyed by the whole Torah even for what he does openly, and yet the definition of destroyed also forbids one who does not work according to the law of Efi, which is not a perfect view. And not just rape.

And in the context of the Shu'a, what is the meaning of the Rabbi's opinion that he meant to desecrate Shabbat when he touched the wine that is forbidden by this time.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5746 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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