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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is there a clear prohibition to vote for a Torah and Mitzvot observant person whose actions are known to be uncorrected?

Here, even though there is a prohibition to set up a judge who is not decent as explained in the Dessanhedrin PC and the Shoah HL Law Judges, it is clear that there are no judgement laws here, and even Law 7 Tobi Ha'ir may not be here since all the conduct here is according to the laws of courts that regard The laws of the Torah are law as a gang and there is no validity to their laws at all, and before urbanization there is also no here since it is not clear that he will use his appointment for corruption one way or another, and since it is not clear that he will use it for corruption in any case there is no here before urbanization according to legal rules before urbanization that are explained in the Mishnah in the seventh and in Sugi' Digitin.

And in any case, the matter of the elections is a concern for the honor of Heaven in voting, but in a normal case I would say that there is clearly a prohibition on voting one way or another, but the point is to vote as much as possible to increase the honor of Heaven.

Therefore, where it is possible to vote for a more kosher candidate, one should vote for him in order to increase the honor of Heaven, and where there is no such possibility, vote for the candidate who will increase the honor of Heaven.

And we saw that there were cases where it was possible to make it difficult for certain candidates (as well as for their messengers and those standing behind them) why the elders of Israel asked to vote for them, but the point is to increase the honor of Heaven and simple.

And in the way that it is possible to appoint the most worthy of appointment and instead vote for the least worthy of appointment, in such a way that he is known as a person who is not decent as above, there is here a sin of appointing a provision that is not decent for the public (cit. Rambam 1 of the 5 Kings 7, and M.M. The main point of his words is an appointment based on our opinion and not an appointment that, from our point of view, has no authority to do anything. which are handed over to him, and therefore should not be done so.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6836 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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