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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Did Jacob, our father, benefit from the blessings he received from Isaac, even though Isaac did not intend for his blessing

Jacob our father actually benefited from the blessings as explained in the Sages in several places because they were intended for him and he did not do so and this was God's will and because of this Yitzchak Soma was made as explained in the Sages, so that Jacob would take the blessings (cit. Madhag Edition p. net) , and also Yitzchak himself, if he had known that they had done evil and Jacob was righteous, he would have given the blessings to Jacob in advance (ibid., end of p. Edelstein, and see at length Madhag p. 16 the words of Rabbi Levi and Rabbi Elazar), and everything that Jacob did was according to a prophecy and the blessing of his mother Rebekah (see Unclus 27:13 and Madhag p. 11), and I. more According to the Sages, Isaac also agreed to the blessing of Jacob when it was said, and he called, etc., and blessed him, and also when he said, "Blessed be he, and so was Esau himself when he said, 'My brother, may it be with you,'" and also Esau's song was written and he blessed him there, and even God agreed with it in the later interpretation.
And regarding what is written, your brother came fraudulently, I.e. in my commentary on the Madhag what I wrote there in this verse.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4047

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