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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Do children have to be sanctified and separated?

A child who has reached education must be sanctified and separated.

Sources: For the matter of kiddush, see now Rish C. Ra'a and Shnav Skav.
And in the name of the rabbi, Baruchot C. Sev brought in the name of the Jerusalemite, Baruchot PG 13 and Zal, Ar Ada, and you have to make Kiddush today and in Havdalah in Kiddush, saying, Remember the Sabbath day, remember it over the wine when it enters, sanctify it on your table, if so, what is the Tal The Sabbath day he kept and sanctified from doing work, and women and slaves and children, since there are those who observe the Sabbath must sanctify the day, and in contrast, whence it is written, six days you shall work and do all your work, and on the seventh day, a Sabbath to the Lord your God, you shall not do any work, etc. Since we are obligated to preserve it, we must distinguish between holy and holy, between the Sabbath and the six days The deed, then, what do you learn to say about the cattle and sheep that are in your gates, except a small one and a slave and a mother who have some Mitzvos that require prayer and the blessing of the food and the mezuzah, therefore they are required to be sanctified and separated like Israel, but a resident resident is only in keeping the Sabbath as an animal, and therefore exempt from sanctification and separation as an animal, if a resident resident but a righteous resident, be like Israel to all Akal's words, and in the case of women in the Havdalah according to Shua and Rama S. Rzo.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4819 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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