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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Does a drop of boiling oil that fell from an open pan on the fire with meat on a cold dairy vessel prohibit the vessel

(As a preface to the answer, it should be emphasized that the subject of the answer is not the way a considerable amount of oil fell, and it is not about the way the dairy vessel was boiling, and it is not about the way it fell on food).

There is room for lightening and the lightening has someone to rely on, but in our case that means that it is a spark of any kind of oil and not about a drop of oil that is actually in it.

And as for whether it is aggravating to qualify the dairy vessel for Shofra Damilta, even if the vessel is made of a material that is aggravated by its disgust where there is a charge of abomination, mm regarding Didan that the training is for Shofara Damilta, it is certainly not necessary to aggravate and throw away the vessel, and it is good to do a boiling infusion three times.

And it should be noted that if there is a complete infusion of meat from a first vessel in such a way that the kiloh stops (that is, there was no direct connection of kiloh from the meat to my milk) is not so serious, and even if there was more than one drop if it was in such a way that the kiloh stopped, it is not clear to Dinah that the vessel must be thrown away In a tool that is not abominable, and some have written Efi' in this to make it easier to molest him three times.

Regarding Tzir, the Rama'a mentioned that it forbids the place where it fell (cit. Yod C. Tsa), but regarding a single boiling drop, the Rama'a Gophia in the ways of Moshe (C. Zeg Saskatb) made light because the drop had lost its power, and the part of it, and there are contradictions in this in the opinion of the Shachak, and many recent scholars were about to justify this contradiction in the Shachak (including the Farah and the Famag and the Ku'at and the Farah and more, i. MM in this), but what emerges from the words of some of them is the spirit of things, which was a shame for them that instead of assuming that the heat remains even after the drop falls, it is difficult to make light of it, and therefore in our case that it is a drop of boiling oil, the reality of this is that, since the oil in time boils very much while it is on the fire , (and in some of the latter, the matter of division is also mentioned, that there is a difference if it is on the fire), and if there is a real thing in it, its image is more like a lid that a real saucer has in it, which is explained there, and if it is a drop in any proportion of an oil spark, there is reason to say that it is a general The way the Shekh acknowledges the ways of Moses.

With regard to a normal infusion in such a way that the kilochah was ruled out in the RMA and the PMG and the latter in the KM who extended it and the Akhmal, and there are recent ones who took the decision that the kilochah was ruled out as a second tool or that the KILOH is a serious matter for considering it as a first tool, and A. C. Tsev, vei "Hats Yod C" Tza that he kihl infusion of GP Efi' in a pottery in such a way that the kilochah stopped.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5548 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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