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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it appropriate to eat an egg at a meal accompanied by a queen on Mochash for those who can, as in Shabbat meals, or is it enough to eat a zeit

Even on Mochash there is ma'aleh in the egg if he can.

Sources: Both with regard to Shabbat meals and with regard to Motzash, it is mentioned in Gm' Shabbat Kit AA, the language is olive, but in BHG [p. Keko] and Ran [Shabbat Mag Sa'ab with regard to Shabbat, Sukkah 12b Mada "R with regard to YoT] and further mention of a egg for the matter of Shabbat meals or YoT, and I. in Barchi C. Reza MS in this, despite what the arbitrators have learned this law of a egg for the matter of an important meal, I. in the Maga There, Ak means Deha Mochash.

And this is how the Rabbi seems to believe there, and it is also explained to Hedia with half the shekel there, to begin with, as an egg, and also in his shift, 29:20, to eat as an egg and as an olive, [regarding the addition of a third meal that will cost him for a meal with a queen ].

And agag that in a rabbi [addendum to the OT] it is explained that the Hagar's driver is in fact an olive tree, it must be said that Dashma thought so even on Shabbat, since the Hagar in his commentary C. S. learned a reformation of the law from what was approved in the G.M. Shabbat and in the matter of Mochas, and yet it turns out that he compares them also to the matter of an olive, and it is a bit pressing to settle the hump of the pressure there based on the mikili, the Hagra Hi' to him in the case of a decision.

And according to column 20, with regard to Shabbat in B.C., it read as an olive, and with regard to Motzash in C.S. as an egg, we were because in B.C.S., he used the language of the gm' there.

However, in many of the ruling scholars, the word "olive" is really mentioned in the stoma regarding Malwa Malka, and the stoma of their words means that they meant "olive" as it were, according to A. A. H. C. Sh. ' La, and it is also possible that he took the part of the Shebra in the Shu'at of Rei Schlesinger H. C. Kid Aish, except that his opinion is renewed to part of the essence of eating and to renew from it the Halacha according to the rules that were explained that on Shabbat and Mochash it is said that the tongue will never be in order, and yet Heishi For geniuses because without an egg it does not have the rate of regularity of a meal as above.

And from M.M. one who cannot eat an egg, it means in Mishnav that at the third meal he will eat an olive, see C. Ratza S.K.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2500

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