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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it possible to make Kiddush for a white child on a day when he is afraid that if he does not make a dedication now, his time will pass and he will not have time to make a dedication

Apparently not.

Sources: Since it is a state, it is the same as it is for delay, as explained for other matters, see BHL Och Techu, 1.
And who is the 20th Chazua and the Kahi and the Garhak and more that it is possible to bless a Havdalah candle when there is electricity (see comments and supplements C. Rahetz Ski 3), and there is a Gach din Yaotho, and from Mm to bless on Sunday the candle did not go up In the mind, and it is possible that a candle with electricity is considered to be added to the light for the purpose of adding light, as the rulings on the matter of Yot (see ibid. SKA), or they also included opinions that allow in the Havdalah to bless electricity, see ibid. What did they rely on when there is an emergency?
And perhaps 11 because of Davner, not in the same way in the same way as in the same way, but rather it is a bit urgent to say a serious question about the same thing in retrospect, and in the same way, in the same way.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2330

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