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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Clothes that were full of water at the beginning of Shabbat and were then forbidden in Taltul, were they then forbidden all Shabbat in Taltul

It should be known that not every item of clothing is prohibited from shaking, but they are careful about it, that is, they do not want there to be water there (see Sha Mo and 11 and 22), and also if one does not have another garment, it is permissible to shake (see Mishnab Aut Kasav), and also shake on By two people is allowed.
And from Mm in such a case that it is forbidden to shake between the sunshades, for the Mishnav it is forbidden to shake all day, and the Chazu'a divides and permits shaking if there is a need, and not even necessarily a need to wear it.
And according to the opinion of the majority of the arbitrators of our time, if the garment was dry during Shabbat, it is not considered to be assigned to the prohibition between the suns.
(We will discuss clothes in our washing machine in a separate answer).

Sources: Mishnav Shach Aut Seg, Arhot Shabbat 19 Shapad.
And there is a חשך on shaking by years, see Arhot Shabbat there, and there the חקח will explain in the name of the Grisha why it is considered a prohibition even though it was allowed in the Jewish school to shake by years since it is not a way of shaking.
Mishak on most of the rulings 25 the Gramp and the Grshaza and the Manchi and the Shabal and the Mishk in brackets ACP etc. is from AGM, and the Kubesh and the Grisha share, see Zionim and Mm to 7 in the annotations and additions C. Shech there, and it is possible that the Garhak Shech 6 that the Chazoa disagrees with the Mishnab interpreted the words of the Mishnab as the Kochsh and the Grishaa (and see Arhot Shabbat there the A. Taxa which interpreted the rest of the Hazoa in a way that is about to dry up) .
And regarding whether you did not hang the garment to dry according to other judges who ease this, see in the next answer regarding clothes in a drying machine.
Although the case that the Hazoa dealt with was about clothes that were hung out to dry.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2400

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