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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Clothes that were in the dryer or washing in progress at the entrance of Shabbat are they assigned on Shabbat

Although there are prohibitions in this, the one who eases it has someone to rely on since there are those who permit it and there is a probability of suspending the permit in this way according to the majority of the arbitrators mentioned in the previous answer (most of them except the AGM).

Sources: In the opinion of the Grisha, the prohibition in the previous answer regarding a wet garment that is about to dry on Shabbat would be prohibited here as well, see Arhot Shabbat 19, and according to the permissives in the previous answer, although the Hagam Och 85 22 letter 10 is prohibited here because the machine makes a sound, And it is forbidden to be used on Shabbat, and according to this opinion, ACP with a silent machine would be permissible, but the Gershza favored easing this and did not divide, see comments and additions to the Mishnab Shah Aut Seg, and on Shabbat there means that it tends to ease the opinion of the lenient arbitrators in this regard in the previous answer, Indeed, regarding the previous answer, we only point to the Hagam, who mentioned the division, which is precisely in the way that if the garment is hung out to dry before a day, and it is possible that this has relevance to its severity in this matter, according to the words of the Tosh quoted in Arhat Shabbat, where the matter depends on what distinguishes the matter between the suns and For such a machine, it is considered unique for the purpose of prohibition in the BH, therefore even if it is not hung, it is considered that it is unique to the state of prohibition (garment wet in water, which is a prohibition against shaking) the garment, and the other judges who did not mention that it should be hung to dry may be lightened by this as well.
And since there are two sides here to make it worse (the Grisha's opinion and the AGM's opinion) it is not proper to begin with to ease this unnecessarily.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2401

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