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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

I stay at my father-in-law's on Shabbat and Saturday nights, and on Saturday night and Sunday I stay at my father's.

Since there are several opinions among the arbitrators of our time on this, some say that a guest for the day cannot light a candle in the place where he is staying, and regarding a guest who returns to his home, the arbitrators disagree whether he should light it in the place he came from or in his home, therefore if he wants to get out of the hands of the doubt, he will appoint a messenger to light the candle in his home and also share in the penny with his father and father-in-law (See the opinions of the arbitrators in the comments and addendums C. Tarez), and even if he does not want to bother sending a messenger to light the fire in his house, he can still get some of the opinions out by participating with his father and father-in-law and thus getting out of the doubt.

But from the main point of the law it seems that he can light whichever one he wants, since both of them are a place to sleep and eat for part of the lighting time, since he slept at his father-in-law's house on Shabbat night and still hasn't left his house at the time of the lighting, provided that he arrives at his father's house while there are still passers-by outside.

And it should be noted that there is no custom to be afraid of opinions that guests on Shabbat do not light candles at the accommodation and the questioner himself will not be afraid of this on the night of Shabbat, and it appears from the calculation of the judges of our time that the main point of the law can be lighted in both places (ie. "K there it seems from their words that according to what they ordered as a chazoa mm not to delay it, and there is also reason to say that the main concern of the chazoa is only when he finishes the hospitality and returns to his home that he will light it in his house which is better than the place of accommodation but not from hosting to hosting) Therefore, if you prefer not to lose the ignition and not to participate in a penny, the authority is in his hand.

I wrote the above in such a way that in both cases it is both a place to eat and a place to stay for at least one night and one meal (and there is a side where it is 2 meals and some have made a compromise to eat a second meal with meals while sitting) but in the way that the situation changes, a wise question must be made individually

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4178 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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