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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

How should one treat those who do not agree to hear Torah words outside the framework of study

Here is the correct attitude towards the words of the Torah: in her love you will always err, as in the Begum Erubin Neg on Rabbi Ben Fedat, and the same was said in the Begum Begum and Yerushalmi about sages who pondered rumors and because of this went out of bounds, and it is true that there is a concept of tirda for the purpose of making a living and then not In the GM, you shall not pretense yourself (ibid. Baruchot La PB), but this is due to necessity and only for the purpose of staying in the Yeshiva, and there is also no requirement that they be annulled from the OT, and as in the Mishnah in the Avot who directs his heart to annul it, this is obligatory in his soul, and in the books that recorded the The leaders of the Yeshivas abroad before the holocaust, it is stated that even when they went on vacation (vacation) for the purpose of refreshing their souls, they would still talk in the study all the time when they returned from baths, etc. as explained there.

And I. in the Gm in the sukkah kach and they never found a person, etc., but a sitting and different one.

And I. in the GM, Dr. Zira, because he was weaker than his versions, he sat at the door of the HMD to stand before the sages and receive a reward, and here he certainly had an excuse, for he learned about the limits of strength, as explained there, and if he was looking for excuses, he had a good excuse, and yet he made an effort To do what he can at the moment, and he did not see any right or exemption for himself because it simply does not pay off, because there is no Alma Kabi Hilalu Damia, etc. With blessings, no RP, there is no standing.

And I'm in Yerushalmi Berchot 55:55 He who does his Torah sometimes breaks a covenant.

And I. in the Gm' in the Sanhedrin, etc. A heartless woman is one who studies Torah in chapters, and we were the one who married a woman, as in the 18th, who carried the Torah with her betrothed, as in the Sanhedrin, after all, he is obligated at all times to her, but, etc., when he is not with her, he has no Belonging to her, Yaoi' in Rashi Shem, and Ya'i in the Holy Book attributed to the Ramban Meshach such leadership is the leadership of animals with their spouses, and one who is not married to the Torah but belongs to it only as a learner is not similar to one who is married to the Torah.

And I. in the GM who is studying Torah in front of the people of the land as if, etc. his fiancée is in front of him on behalf of the above and simply.

And K. Haza'a that in every step and action he consults with D. Halki Shu'a.

And in Hafetz Chaim 20 that all those who work for their livelihood more than is necessary will be sued for this, and I'm there he extended this, because they could have studied at that time, and it was brought up in the name of Hafetz Chaim that when he found carpets (or rather carpets) he would say that he really felt that he was stepping on the pages of the Gemara , because at the same time that an effort was made to get rich and buy carpets, Efi' with all that wealth, he could have studied at that time, and what was Annan's response.

And I. in the Gm on Shabbat 11 A.A. that one of the Amorites said about another Amorah who got up in the middle of his study to pray and removed his ear from hearing the Torah. His prayer is also an abomination, and what is the answer?

And what I wrote in response to the saying of God in Simchot (MKT 1558), and in the sources I cited there.

And I. in Gm. in Minachot 17, Tana model that studied the entire Torah, if he wants to learn Greek wisdom, he should study it at a time that is neither day nor night, since a dictation will not fulfill the book of the Torah from your mouth and you recited it day and night, and what was Annan's answer.

And I. 17 18 12 that going to a place of performances is forbidden because this brings the person to the point of annulment of the Torah, and I. there Shafi' to pass by is forbidden lest he fail, and what Annan answered.

And I'm on Yoma 19 EB that the shahash shichat holin passes through doing and not doing and was brought to halacha in the Maga and Shan'ab C. Kenez.

And in a book of great use, I saw that it was brought up about the Gerish Elyashiv that when he came to the Simcha, he would put two chairs (seats) by his hand, and he would lean on one of them, and he would put his hat on the other chair, and he would do all this so that they would not come and sit next to him and ask him what was going on, etc. "2 (in order to be normal, so to speak) and cancel from the Torah one minute that was not needed.

And about the Geriz, I saw an incident where the PA on Purim sat completely absorbed in the Torah and holiness, and one guy came who was probably not in the rank of the Geriz and came in a costume or something like that and tried to walk around and be frivolous in order to teach the Geriz to renounce the Torah (which is the right thing to do according to the crooked view of that guy) and no one paid attention to him, then the guy turned to the Hagriz and asked him if the rabbi wanted to be a little more normal after all, then immediately the Hagriz expelled that guy from him and he no longer got to see the Hagriz's holy face "G.

ויש הרבה להאריך בזה, ופשוט שההנהגה הזאת שאומרים שאין רוצים שייכות לתורה היא הנהגה פסולה ובלתי מתקבלת על הדעת, ואצל ת"ח שזכיתי להכיר כל ענייניהם ומעייניהם היה בתורה ותמיד לא היה אפשר לדבר עימהם רק בתורה ושום דבר אחר לא עניין אותם, ומי שמרגיש יש לו קושי בזה, כדאי לחשוב אם יכול למצוא פתרונות ורעיונות כיצד לצאת מהיצה"ר הזה, ובשום אופן לא לאמץ כהנהגה קבועה הנהגה פסולה כזו.

And regarding places that are afraid that if they talk about the OT they will be blocked by various parties, a fix for this needs to be found, and I won't go into it right now.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6712 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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