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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A person who drank wine and continued to drink water because of the blessing that blessed the wine and underwent a digestion class from the wine but is still busy drinking the water should he bless the vine or not

Everyone who is busy with the feast in succession blesses the vine at the end.

Sources: Here is the definition of the exemption of the rest of the mishkin in the blessing of the wine is the definition of the main and tefel, because the rest of the mishkin is teflin to the wine (cf. MB C. Kad Skag and in the Hal Shem D. H. Yain), so for our purposes the question is whether he started Mainly and continued to treat and already passed a digestion class from the main point.

And Yaoi' in the 20th century C. was strict about the blessing of the food that the deceased wrote, it seems that he came to an epiphany if he assumes that in that eating alone there was already a lesson to digest and he would return to being hungry and after some time he ate more of the remaining kinds of foods and because of these things he is not hungry and brother "If he remembers that he did not bless in the HMZ after the first eating, he cannot bless any more in the HMZ that he has canceled that eating.

After he had finished his first meal, he was distracted from eating more, but if it was all during one meal, such as what is customary at large meals, he will sit for several hours, and sometimes there is a degree of digestion from eating a morsel that he ate in the beginning, but he will be able to bless the food at the end, because during this time he will eat butterflies and kisinin And drinking everything is one meal and we will never digest the first food.

In this regard, the 15th taught that if a blessing begins with wine, if with water, the definition is that the treatment is included with the main part of the blessing, and the blessing includes all the eating together, but if he stopped the wine feast and then desired to drink water, he would not be able to finally bless the vine after the digestion lesson of wine.

And it will be explained further in the Maga (which is the source of the Mishnav) that the definition in this is that he is engaged in drinking and parapheras and as was well brought up in the well, the same in this regard Didan G.C. He was busy drinking during this time, but drinking water to quench his thirst when the need arises does not bless the vine and so on.

However, there is room for wonder since the blessing on the vine does not belong to the water at all, and how can one bless the blessing on the vine after someone who has already passed the wine digestion class, but a model should be noted regarding the blessing of the food that can be blessed even though he only continued to drink and drink is the one who is actually condemned, since In the opinion of some rashonim, the blessing of the food is to be blessed in retrospect.

However, there is still a division between the regularities of a meal. It is not considered that he now drank of the wine.

However, in fact, we are reminded of the differences in the rulings on the matter of rulings on wine, as brought by the BHL C. Kad there, the opinion of the 17th that only the drinking of wine of a ruling exempts the rest of the mishkin, as well as in the Mishnav C. Rah Ska'3 which the Mishnav mentioned B Regarding a final blessing, if he ruled on the wine, it is also beneficial for the rest of the Mishkin that were brought later that were not before him, and in fact it seems that he can bless, since apparently the words of the Mishnab regarding the matter of fat also belong to the matter of wine.

It must be emphasized here that the discussion is about both the first blessing and the last blessing, a model for a mouthful of Mitzino that if it passed a digestion rate, the arbitrators differed on whether or not the first blessing applies to it.

And it should be noted that on this side, too, he urges to say that if a person drank wine and continued with the rest of the mishkin and passed a digestion rate from the wine, he will have to bless the water from that time, and i.e. in the explanation of the halacha C. Kad 45 and the custom, that it is good for him to bless the wine from the vine at the meal in order to remove the rest of the mishkin, And it's a bit pressing that the whole solution is only until the wine's digestion rate has passed, and it's pushing some of the entire island to say that here the constancy is because of the palate, and that's it.

And it should also be noted that the group of Shinorim regarding the matter of 4 cups of Havdalah, if he blesses each cup, and there are different opinions on this, and the Akhmal, and despite the opinion that he blesses the first cup, consider the other cups as a continuation of that, even though he passed a digestion lesson, since the entire Haggadah is about drinking. According to the Rabbinical Rabbinical Law, there is a single word and a single mitzvah in the anfi of her soul, because he was a distraction, not a problem for my blessings. H. C. testifies about the RIF, that its taste is because of four cups, since each and every Mitzvah in the nostrils of her soul, he has to bless the creator of the fruit of the vine, he ate a throne and a throne, and this is the reason for the RIF, because Afi' did not stop between them and did not distract him Congratulations to the Harif.

It should also be noted in this regarding the break on the Seder night between Kiddush and the meal, and they brought it in the name of the judges of our times (as it seems from the Garsha 61) Damachion, and everything is an order of the Seder night mitzvot, not counting the break between Kiddush and the meal.

And for the condemned body that you mentioned about what Shane fired Shaar Mishkin, one should also pay attention to some of the details that this law has, namely if he determined himself to drink wine and if there was an ACP Shaar Mishkin before him at the time of the blessing (ibid. If he did not drink a full glass of the wine, he went into the delivery of blessings as explained in the explanation of the halachic law C. Kad there.

Regarding the question of whether it follows from the words of the Mishnab that there is a way to bless a creator of souls over wine, the answer is that although sometimes it turns out that he only blesses a creator of souls here (according to the conditions explained above), but he does not bless a creator of souls over wine, rather he lost the last blessing over the wine because And he has already gone through a digestive lesson after drinking the wine, and does not bless the creator of souls except for the new charge of the wine he drank afterwards.

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