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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

I will bless you, who has a set amount for charity from the tithe of money, will he bring a little bit to the poor who happen to him or to a fund of charity

On the one hand, it was appropriate to bring a little to every poor person on occasion, as the great men of Israel used to do, and in this he fulfills the words of the Rambam who wrote to do so for the kof who created a lot of charity, and on the other hand, it is better for a charity collector since they said that he should not give to the Koshet unless he is appointed as Rabbi Ben Theridion , while in the collections there are also unfair ones like the Mash in the inscriptions and A. in the SPAK DBAK, and in particular if his relatives are poor that if he gives to them he will live up to it and your tidings do not be ignored.

And in fact it seems that there is a practice mentioned in the aforementioned Rambam to give a little to every poor person, but in such a way that there is a limited amount and cannot give more due to his poverty, it is better to give to faithful collectors or to the poor who check him, since he says let me check him as Mash 22 9 in Yerushalmi Sof Paa and in Rambam 17 of the 11th of the 56th and Shu'a, and also means there according to the reasons a drub what is not necessary for food such as housing needs, etc., needs an examination, and apparently medical needs are judged as a need for food, vei Q. The details of the laws, and only in gifts to the evangelists of Purim Kiel, the one who extends his hand is given to him, and therefore since it is condemned here to give to the poor who are not tested at the expense of the tested poor, it is generally appropriate to give to the testators everything that the poor who are not tested are witnesses to the tested in other matters.

And it is possible to say the main point of Rambam's words regarding giving alms little by little to the poor who are checked by him, and in this it is certainly better to give them little by little than to give everything at once to the collector, but there is a reason to say that Rambam is miri in this afi' in that they are not checked except that it is not at the expense of the tithe Money such as he has in his hand to add and the main rule of law for the poor in Dokin is law for a collector.

And from the OT to give all his alms to his relative as in the Garchak, and rather I in the GAM that he should not give all his gifts to one priest, and there are also the aforementioned words of the Rambam that I brought at the beginning of the answer, but if he gives to a fund of charity it is not It is considered one poor person that the collector distributes to every poor person who consumes and the collector can bring to him.

And from M.M. it should be noted that the faithful are poor and he has charity. There is a concern here that he will not be late, so he will make a condition that the entire tithe will not be applied to him there tikkah until he comes to the poor as a mash on the way of Emunah HL from Tan'a PF8 SKAH.

And of course one must give a gift of all one's wealth to the poor who return, because the one who returns to you will be destroyed, according to Rambam 16 of the 17th Psalm, and this usually does not depend on the total amount to which charity it will go.

And in this he also somewhat fulfills the Rambam's words above to give charity little by little.

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