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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What are the blessings of ground vegetable soup?

If the soup is all ground, if it was ground everything begins, and if it is ground only now it is appropriate to be exempted with blessings for other foods, and if it has no other foods then everything should be blessed.
And if there is an unground part there, he will bless it and exempt the soup as well, (since the rest of the ground soup does not detract from being vegetable soup and this may be the intention of the Grisha Dalkman) but he will not bring a vegetable from another place and bless him to exempt the soup since it is not agreed that it is exempt.

Sources: ground vegetables are blessed over them all (M.B.R.B.S.M.G.), and K.S. on the soup, and if the shape of the vegetable is evident, the author blesses the original blessing, and the Rama'a initially everything is to be feared for other opinions, and in retrospect in any case it came out with the original blessing (Rabbi, 7), even with its complete softness (Mb, Mb), and if the vegetables are whole, he also blesses the soup with the original blessing of the vegetable (Ra, 2), and if the vegetables were cooked whole and ground afterwards, there is a disagreement among the judges, therefore if there is a whole vegetable With soup, he will bless him and exempt the soup as well (the Grisha), and if there is none, he can spend it with other foods according to the pharaoh and that everything, and if he does not have it, he will bless everything.

But he will not bless another vegetable to begin with to exempt this soup, since even the ground vegetables themselves are blessed to begin with everything, (however it depends on the dispute of the judges whether another fruit exempts crushed fruit to begin with for the opinions that it is blessed with everything, and since there is no decision on this it is certainly better to bless other things), And what's more, it turns out that minced soup is not better in its blessing than minced vegetables.
For the rulings' words about soup that was ground later, see the comments and additions in C. RA, ibid., and their words about exempting a crushed vegetable from a whole vegetable, see ibid.

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  1. It is not agreed upon, and depends on other details, such as whether the shape of the vegetable is still visible.
    A. O. O. S. Rav S. 7 in the late author and in the late RMA and in the
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